Why Does Only the Priest Receive from the Chalice?

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Why is the priest only one who can drink wine and not the believers at Mass?


The Council of Trent taught that when we receive either the host or from the chalice we are receiving the fullness of Jesus’ body, blood, soul, and divinity. Receiving both species is not required to receive the fullness of the sacrament. It is not a matter of the priest being the only one who can drink from the chalice. The faithful normally do not receive from the chalice because it is not necessary and because many parishes are not designed in a way that permits for orderly and smooth reception of both species.
By  Fr. Charles Grondin

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  1. “For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the LORD’s death till he comes” I Corinthians 11.26
    The body and blood of our Lord Jesus is the new covenant who identify us as Christian and as a new covenant we are with our Lord and the Lord is with us until the end of times.

  2. …personally…im not convinced…feels like taking away from what was done initially….or else some of the deciples could have just received the body alone…
    Kindly elaborate further how that fits in…
    Kind regards from Zambia

  3. I see the chalices being uses all the time. Anyway, one article said that the blood of Christ could become defiled by dripping off the side of the chalice and not being able to retrieve it for disposal in a blessed sink for fallen consecrated hosts.

  4. Jesus said to eat His Body AND drink His blood (bread and wine). I believe what Jesus said , NOT the bishops in the church. I am Catholic. I wish they would obey what Jesus said to do.

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