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I’m not sure I understand praying to angels for support. Unlike saints, who are part of the Body of Christ, angels have a different nature. Can you help me with the teachings on this and where they originated?


The angels are spiritual beings who have a free will and an intellect that is far superior to ours. The evil ones dwell in hell; the holy ones dwell in heaven and are therefore considered to be saints. Whoever is in heaven is a saint. God uses angels as messengers, guardians, and all-around helpers to us—as well as to reflect his glory. In Tobit 12:12, the Archangel Raphael said to Tobias, “So now when you and Sarah prayed, it was I who brought and read the record of your prayer before the glory of the Lord, and likewise whenever you would bury the dead.” In Tobit 12:14-16, we read, “And at the same time God sent me to heal you and Sarah your daughter-in-law. I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand ready and enter before the glory of the Lord. The two of them were shaken; they fell face down, for they were afraid.” For more, see the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on angels at www.newadvent.org.


  • susan says:

    I met my Guardian Angel once. After I had lost my daughter’s twin sister in the womb, before the childbirth. I was heartsick. Grateful that my daughter survived, but 3 months later, the full impact of losing her twin had hit me & I was in mourning. I was just mindlessly pushing her stroller thro a large store, when I saw a very tall red haired woman. She seemed to glide thro the room…She was so beautiful, I remember thinking, ‘I wish I could see her face”. Then suddenly, she was there! She came RIGHT OVER to us & briefly looked down at Isabel, my daughter & smiled-(her full lips were like those of a picture of Mary) Then, silently, she looked deeply into my eyes, & just held them there. I gasped–she looked into my soul & I felt the power of God flooding my heart. It was like a spiritual shower of love. She was an Irish angel there to comfort me. Like me, she had brown eyes & red hair. I literally could say NOTHING. I was held in that moment, & it’s frozen in my mind. As quickly as she appeared, she was gone. She strode to the door, & as the light hit her,disappeared as it opened, right before my eyes. I had long ago named her Shibhon(I may have misspelled that!) An Irish name meaning Joan or Susan(my name!) I know she is not human like me, but feels my pain & joy, deeply. She is full of wisdom & sympathy… I love my Angel. God used her to comfort me, unworthy tho I am. and Isabel’s beautiful twin sister, Angelica is watching over her sister with love too. Someday, with their prayers, we’ll all be together. <3

    • adelle says:

      what a wonderful experience.. i too had once, it’s seems nonsense but for me it’s a blessing.. when i tried to hang a very heavy curtain that i almost lost my strength and fell i called quickly to my guardian angel to my surprise it became light as if somebody help me lift and hang it to my window. im not a fan of angels but from that experience and from dreams that i should pray to angels for protection from then on i pray and thank them for guiding me. i told my pupils what i have experienced and taught them the guardian angel prayer after class…

      • Nory says:

        Ive done it too, when I forced a double sized sleeping bag into the 5.5kg washing machine, turned out, too heavy and hard to pull out. It’s true that one remembers to pray when they are desperate. I asked my angel to help me. It was too fast, as if my hands knows the best way to twist, turn, and pull, not to mention, lighter weight. From then, I had been praying the prayer to guardian angel. Helps me fall asleep.

  • sarah cutter says:

    I am so glad that god give u the grace 2 see your guardian angel and that u found comfort from the experience

  • Joyce Weinmann says:

    I was around 12 and I was in my garage and up on a latter going up into the attic, when I lost my balance and was falling backwards when my guardian angel caught me in med air and held me long enough so I could grabbed the latter. I’m 66 now and it seemed like yesterday!

  • ljw says:

    referencing CCC
    Day 44 – What are Angels? // Can we interact with them?
    What are angels?
    Angels are pure spiritual creatures of God who have understanding and will. They have no bodies, cannot die, and are usually not visible. They live constantly in God’s presence and convey God’s will and God’s protection to men.
    An angel, wrote Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, is “so to speak the personal thought with which God is turned toward me”. At the same time the angels are turned completely toward their Creator. They burn with love for him and serve him day and night. Their song of praise is never-ending. In Sacred Scripture the angels who have fallen away from God are called devils or demons.
    Can we interact with angels?
    Yes. We can call on angels for help and ask them to intercede with God.
    Every person receives from God a guardian angel. It is good and sensible to pray to one’s guardian angel for oneself and for others. Angels can also make themselves noticeable in the life of a Christian, for example, as bearers of a message or as helpful guides. Our faith has nothing to do with the false angels of New Age spirituality and other forms of esotericism. (YOUCAT questions 54-55)
    Dig Deeper: CCC section (328-342) and other references here.

    • Marie says:

      How can I find out who my personal guardian angel is? Her name? I so believe in Angels and I love them deeply.

      • Bea says:

        You can name your Angel. As to find out who he is, well, I think that’s a grace from God. My daughter and I were going thru a really hard trial last year. I had our Parish priest pray over both of us, and he also came to pray at our house. Gradually, I started feeling lighter, and I started feeling a great healing power. One night I woke up, I saw a beautiful being, not male nor female, full of light, just floating over me… and then suddenly it disappeared. I was awake, and I know it wasn’t a dream. Soon after that, I hear my Angel singing right next to me during Mass (I know it was my Angel because I could hear someone singing with a beautiful voice, but there was nobody next to me). Later on I read that during Mass the Angels come to sing with us, but we just don’t hear them or see them. On another occasion, I was kneeling right after Communion, I felt a presence standing right next to me, but when I looked up, there was nobody there, somehow, I knew it was my angel. I have named him Raphael, just like the one from the Bible, because he appears in really beautiful passages that really speak to me. Also, Padre Pio teaches us to communicate with them, and to task them with the things we need. When I am in need, I often ask my Angel to go talk to Padre Pio in order to help me. I hope you too can someday receive the grace of experiencing contact with your Angel.

  • Victoria says:

    I was 10 years old and had just had eye surgery. 60 years ago surgery was so different for children. My parents weren’t allowed to stay with me and I was so afraid. Both my eyes were covered with bandages but I saw my Angels. There were two of them and they were sitting on the bar that the curtain was on that closed around my bed. They stayed there with me while I remained in the hospital ; I wasn’t afraid anymore because I wasn’t alone in a scary hospital room. I will never forget that week and I know my Angels are always around. I am blessed.

  • Doris says:

    nice experiences there,angles r always taking care of us,sometimes they come in human form such dat we cnt evn know.

  • Melitta says:

    I heard my Guardian Angel one morning on the way to work. I was stopped at a red light, at a very busy intersection.
    The light turned green and as I was getting ready to put my foot on the gas pedal I heard, “look to the left”. I saw a woman in a red car drive right through the red light. I waited for her to pass then drove on. Had I not been given that message, that car would have crashed right into my side of the car.
    I often think about that voice and I wish I could hear it again giving advice

  • bb says:

    Never name your Guardian Angel. This is an excellent lecture on Angels by Father Ripperger: http://youtu.be/HROH926Ln-A

  • Maria Voight says:

    I’ve had experiences when I think in hindsight, I must have been guarded and protected by angels. The first happened on my way to work during a snow storm very early in the morning. When driving, my car began to slide and wrongly I automatically used the breaks, which made it spin from side to side even more
    on a two-lane road with heavy traffic. My car then went into the median, rolled on it side twice, and ended up on the other side of the incoming road. I really saw myself dying that day, but my Guardian Angel must have been by my side, because I was not hurt and the car was in a condition good enough for me to drive afterwards. You see pile-up accidents on roads where people are left dead and badly hurt. That could have been me.

  • nuala says:

    Can you help me is it alright to be cremated I worry

  • Vincent says:

    I have prayed and fasted just to see my Guardian angel but all to no avail. Maybe angels only show themselves to whites and not blacks.

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