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One of my friends suggests that we should not applaud the choir after the closing hymn. He says that the song should direct souls to the Lord. I find it unnatural if we don’t applaud.


The church is not a concert hall and the liturgy is not a performance. We are there to direct our attention to God—not to each other. There is a time and place for everything. The church is for prayer—not performances. If you want to convey your appreciation for the music, compliment the director after Mass.



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  • Elaine Murray says:

    I agree, we have such issues with being humble that complements can go beyond the moment.

  • Leslie says:

    Well, I was brought up Strict Baptist and we never Clapped for singing and/or “Performances” out of Respect for God…

  • Kathleen says:

    Would clapping after the homily also be bad?

  • Nina says:

    Clapping after homily is not acceptable.

  • franas says:

    For a time, I was conflicted whether to clap at the end of the recessional hymn. It did not feel right because it’s like the choir is getting all the accolade. If anything, the applaud should be right after the dismissal or during the recessional so that it’s clear that we are clapping for the Lord. I’m far from being “unappreciative” since I always make a point of approaching the priest, lector or choir privately and thanking them when they did an exceptional job.

  • Judy Velbeck says:

    The Choir and Organist need to do their best work to honor God, not for acclaim. It takes some of us longer than others to realize that. Many musicians have a bit of performer in them. I’m truly sorry for the years where it was more about my ego than for God. Better late than never for this gal.

  • Michelle Tavakoli says:

    I think if the intention is gor glory of God, or good intentions fine. Unless someone is intentionally weAring it for “other” disrespectful reasons, obviously for other than relugious reasons it would be a venial sin, and if you are able to without danger of your safety or bringing bad attention to Catholic faith, instruc t charitable kind way.

  • Milord says:

    Applause during, or even after mass is inappropriate. It in no way enhances the solemnity of the rite and distracts from the miracle of the Eucharist which we are there to witness.

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