Why won't Obama say the phrase 'radical Islamic terrorist?'

Obama refuses to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorist” when speaking about the Islamic State and other Islamic terror organizations. He explained this refusal during a town hall discussion on CNN.
President Obama refuses to use the term “radical Islamic terrorist when talking about radical Islamic terrorists. During a town hall with CNN’s Jake Trapper, a Gold Star Mother asked Obama why he refused to use the term to describe the Islamic State.
Obama claimed the term has been “sort of manufactured.”
Obama explained he did not want to lump murderers with a billion peaceful Muslims around the world.
It’s a cute explanation, but it’s also Orwellian doublespeak.
Groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are Islamic. That is their entire being. They believe in a literal interpretation of the Quran, and they want a global Islamic State under the rule of a caliph.
These people believe they are the true Muslims. All others are apostates. And this is very true if you follow a literal reading of the Quran. The world does not contain a billion Muslims. It contains tens of thousands of Muslims and nearly a billion apostates.
The moderate Muslim is not a Muslim. The real Muslim is a soldier, a fighter who is willing to spread Islam by all means necessary. So perhaps Obama is right to avoid the term. The terrorists aren’t the radicals. They’re the orthodox. They’re the ones who correctly read and understand their holy text.
There is another theory about Obama’s reluctance to confront the Islamic State and other terrorists directly. He is a Muslim.
There is at least anecdotal evidence for this, which we have covered before. As a Muslim, he has infiltrated our government and continues to disrupt our war on terror, allowing the Islamic State to form and grow exponentially under his watch.
Certainly, he got Osama bin Laden, but the Al Qaeda ringleader was ineffective by the time he was killed. What better cover for a secret Muslim terrorist in the White House?
At least, that’s how the theory goes. Most people dismiss this idea, but it would explain some of his actions, or lack of action. And it would explain his reluctance to use the phrase, “radical Islamic terrorists.”
Regardless if this is all right wing hysteria or not, one sad fact remains. Our president clearly likes to play word games with the truth. What are the consequences of his inability to see things as they really are? What danger has this brought?
There is no scenario where this ends well for the truth or the American people. We can only be grateful the end of his regime is near.
By David Drudge

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