Will my sin be forgiven if I don't feel sorry?

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I want to confess an obvious sin, but I do not feel remorse or regret for doing it. Do I need to be regretful to confess this sin or will it be forgiven even if I have no remorse?


What is required is repentance, which is an act of the will. Remorse and regret are emotions, which you may or may not feel and do not have control over. Feelings of remorse and regret are not required, but they are helpful in keeping us from sinning again. One way to encourage such feelings is to develop a devotion to Christ’s Passion. Meditation on the agonies Christ suffered to merit for us the grace we receive through confession helps in developing a horror for sin and a just remorse for the sins of one’s life.


  • John Swiastyn says:

    Repentance without remorse is novel. It sounds Jesuitical. What if the sin is habitual? What recourse is there?

  • Allie says:

    No sins are forgiven it you don’t feel sorry for your actions. A conversation with your confessor should clarify this for you.

  • lou mcknight says:

    to repent: to feel or show that you are sorry for something bad or wrong that you did and that you want to do what is right.
    that’s from Webster’s Dictionary. Repentance is not an act of will- it’s an emotion, like love. If you are not sorry, why reent?! Where do you get this stuff? I don’t think I want to heard anymore from you.

  • Confess to your priest that you are not feeling remorse nor do you regret committing the sin. Ask him to pray for you that you gain the conscience to feel remorse so that you will break the cycle which led you to commit the sin. To be honest, without remorse or regret, then it is unlikely that the sin will be confessed. You are in danger of committing this sin over and over and this will cause it to become a grave sin. If you actually feel the desire to confess the sin and repent, then the truth is, that even though you may have enjoyed the result of committing the sin, you do know that it was a sin and you need to confess it, so a tiny part of you does feel some remorse for it, otherwise you would not even feel the need to confess it. That is why Christ commands us to confess our sins, the main reason is to be forgiven but we also confess our sins to a priest because he will pray for us and with us so that we will have help in our walk toward living without sin.

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