Will my three divorces prevent me from becoming a Catholic?

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I wish to go through RCIA and become a Catholic. My problem is that I have been divorced three times. Can I become a Catholic and do I need to have these marriages to my previous three husbands annulled?


If you are currently living as an unmarried woman then your prior attempts at marriage and the subsequent divorces should not be obstacles to entering RCIA and becoming a Catholic. And there is no obligation for you to seek annulments unless you would like to attempt marriage again in the future. Welcome to the Church!


  • Adam says:

    In this instance, would it be the right thing to try to annul the first two marriges?

  • Eric E says:

    Since the answer in the article does not address the possibility of the questioner being currently married, I thought I’d add my own two cents:
    Being married after three divorces may not effect whether or not you can enter the Church, but it may prevent you from receiving Holy Eucharist. Consult with your local diocesan marriage ministry to discuss the necessity of an annulment and to determine whether any past marriages were valid.

  • Jonathan says:

    I was baptized through the church .I’m currently going to a Catholic church what do I need to do to receive communion?

  • Ken Wylson says:

    I’m divorced and remarried (not married in Church for either of them) does this cause issues?

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