Will UN troops stand on full guard for Pope's visit to Central Africa, as attacks now extends to the troops?

The war between the Christians and Muslims in Central Africa have being so intense over time now, this have been a challenging factor which have caused the delay in their Presidential and Parliamentary elections since last month.
The UN soldiers that have that arrived Central Africa for Peacekeeping mission have were reported to have been attacked yesterday at a checkpoint in the town of Batangafo of the Central Africa. A soldier lost his life in the fierce fight that the attack resulted to.
The UN peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic have concluded to add more troops to Central Africa especially Bangui and other parts of the country. To ensure that the elections will be conducted without further blood-sheds. But the arrival of these additional troops might arrive late after the Pope’s visit.
A UN official said that the UN and Vatican have engaged in a discussion as regards to ensuring that the Pope’s visit will be secured. But it was reported that “Even with more than 11,000 UN troops and police in the country, protecting the pope will be a major security challenge as violence between Christians and Muslims continues in the capital, Bangui, and elsewhere”.
But the Pope have stood his ground, saying that he will visit the war-torn country to promote that “Mercy of God” in the hearts of the citizens, Christians and Muslims alike. The Pope have in his itinerary to visit the country’s National Central Mosque.

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