Workers who tied Catholic colleague to a cross are cleared of religiously aggravated assault

Two of the four men were convicted of separate charges of assault and harassment

Workmates accused of abusing a Catholic colleague by tying him to a cross in a “mock crucifixion” have been found not guilty of religiously aggravated assault.
York Crown Court heard that Andrew Addison, aged 31, Joseph Richard Rose, 21, Christopher Jackson, 22, and Alex Puchir, 37, had carried out a “sustained course” of bullying against a teenage boy over nine months, but the men were cleared of the charge of religiously aggravated assault after a day’s deliberation by the jury.
Addison was cleared of a separate charge of putting the teenager in fear of violence by harassment. However, he was found guilty of assault.
Rose was found guilty of putting the boy in fear of violence by harassment.
Judge Paul Batty QC told them: “You have been convicted of a very unpleasant offence.
“I have not decided what to do with you yet. Each of you should have known better.”

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  1. The four Ws and H are handy tools for reporting the news.
    From the article it is unclear where this took place, what the ages of the people involved were, and what the religion of the perpetrators was (it would be relevant in this case).

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