WORLD UNDER ATTACK – Army of demons has led to spike in exorcisms. Here’s the disturbing reason why we are under attack

Exorcisms are becoming so scary, some priests are too afraid to do them. According to many sources, demonic possession is on the rise globally. It could mark the incursion of satan’s army into the world.

Demonic possession and attachment are on the rise. It is possible that satan’s army is on the offensive, as the world has given him an opening. The rise of atheism, interest in paganism and the occult, has opened millions of souls to the devil.

The BBC recently interviewed Italian exorcist, Fr. Vincenzo Tataborelli. Fr. Taraborelli revealed he could see as many as 30 people in a day who wanted exorcisms. He shared stories of people vomiting objects including pebbles and bits of wood along with blood.

“I told the bishop that I can’t find anyone willing to do this. Many of them are scared. Even priests can be scared. It’s a difficult life,” he told the BBC.

It is scary because demonic possession and attachments are real. Around the globe, professional exorcists team up with doctors and psychologists to evaluate patients. Some do have undiagnosed mental illnesses. But there are many who are genuinely possessed.

Exorcisms save many, but not everyone gets saved.

Demonic possession is where a demon has actually entered your body. Demonic attachment is where a demon is attempting to get inside you, but has not yet succeeded. Often, many victims have multiple demons residing inside their bodies.

A demon’s purpose is to drag your soul to hell upon death. By disturbing your body and behavior, they turn you from God, keep you away from church, and will encourage your to harm yourself. They encourage suicide.

The most alarming fact is that exorcists, who were once uncommon and saw little work, are no longer able to keep up with the sudden demand. Young priests are too afraid of learning the rites and practicing them. Who wants to contend with vomiting blood and armies of demons? It’s genuinely terrifying.

The world is under attack by satan who wants to drag every soul into hell, including yours. All it takes is a little opening. A dabbling in the occult or paganism is all. Perhaps an experimentation with a Ouija board, or some other dalliance is all the devil needs.

We live in a world where science and rationalism rule. This is a good thing, it has brought us many wonders from computers and smartphones to modern medicine. Yet we have started to forget that there is also a spiritual world. And this spiritual world is just as real as the physical realm. And just like in the physical world, not everything in the spiritual world is wholesome or good. Some things are evil.

Unfortunately, we have become so disconnected and distracted from the spiritual world, we no longer pay attention to its dangers. To ignore its dangers is every bit as serious as to ignore the danger of the physical world. It’s the spiritual equivalent of not looking both ways before crossing a street. And we warn you now, the results can be just as gruesome.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The name of satan has been intentionally left uncapitalized.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    What a bunch of Iron Age, fear-mongering, superstitious nonsense. If there is a spike in demon possessions, why haven’t scientists been called in to examine these cases? Where is the evidence for these possessions and demonic attachments?
    “A demon’s purpose is to drag your soul to hell upon death.” First, which Hell does our soul get dragged to? Sheol, Gehenna, Hades or Tartarus, and why that particular Hell? Second, why is it that Yahweh can perform miracles like the one we read of here recently where a church in Haiti was completely destroyed, people killed and injured, but a statue of Mary was “miraculously” left unharmed. It seems Yahweh can save statues, but he can’t save souls from what must be a more powerful Satan. Jesus died to save everyone, except those that Satan wants – is that it? And Yahweh is powerless to prevent this without superstitious, primitive rituals? He can rise from the dead and force a woman to give birth without benefit of conjugal relations, but he can’t force demons to stay out of human bodies? He can create a universe, but can’t keep Satan in check? You know, in some early Christian gospels that didn’t make the canon, Yahweh was the bad guy. He was what we call Satan, today.
    Where are all these exorcisms taking place? In third world countries where people have only recently converted from bush gods to bible gods? Where is the documentation, the sources, the evidence that there are spikes in exorcisms? What studies have been commissioned and what are their results? How many atheists have been possessed by demons and exorcised? I’ve never heard of a single one.
    This is garbage journalism. It’s also the year 2016, and well past time to leave this Iron Age gobbledygook in the dustbin of history.

  2. RandyW Reply

    You seriously believe that magical monsters exist?

  3. Mamah Vitalis Chinedu Reply

    Patrick Gannon, I have the feelings that you already got one inside of you, that’s how it starts anyway!

  4. CJ Reply

    What are we talking about ‘priests are afraid’?!!! They signed up to be on the frontlines of this battle. They have the power of Christ living in them.


  5. Nathaniel Ohiozojie Evborein Reply

    These are the end times…satan knows he has a short time…he and his demons have gone berserk. But one thing is sure, Jesus Christ is Lord all in Heaven, Earth and underneath the Earth because at His name every knee must bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord of all.

    I will like to learn the rites of exorcism and practice it. Though the scriptures says if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, all things are become new 2Corinthians5:17.

  6. Steve wildeman Reply

    Most will realize it’s real when it’s to late

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