Was it possible for Jesus to have been romantically attracted to Mary Magdalene?

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Was it possible for Jesus to have been romantically attracted to Mary Magdalene?



Romantic attraction is a normal human emotion. As Jesus was fully man, it was within the realm of possibility that he experienced it. Scripture tells us that Jesus experienced normal human emotions such as anger (John 2:14–17), love (John 11:5), grief (John 11:32–35), and joy (Luke 10:21). He also experienced normal human desires such as hunger (Matt. 21:18), thirst (John 4:7; 19:28), and the desire for rest (John 4:6). Nevertheless, there are certain things we have to keep in mind.

Rightly ordered emotions draw a person to fulfill a rightly ordered need or desire. Rightly ordered romantic attraction draws a person into marriage. Jesus was not only without sin but also without concupiscence (the inclination toward sin that is a consequence of original sin), so he did not suffer disordered romantic attraction. Jesus’ mission did not include marriage to a human being—his bride is the Church (Eph. 5:25–33)—so there was no apparent purpose for him to feel romantic attraction. Therefore, while we cannot know with certainty, it is unlikely he felt romantic attraction for Mary Magdalene or any other woman.

Scripture does not mention or imply that Jesus was romantically attracted to or involved with anyone. He was focused on his mission of saving mankind.

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  1. Makes sense to me. Well explained. If you believe Jesus is God and if you believe that God is self-sufficient, he would have no need of a romantic relationship to feel fulfilled.

    • so true…i mean satan tempted jesus in the dessert and he did not accept any of the temptations…so why would he be tempted by a woman…it would make no sense really…

  2. Jesus Knew he was going to die soon. Even had he experienced an attraction to a human woman, there’s no way he would have married one, knowing for a fact she would be a widow very, very soon.

  3. What Scripture DOES mention, however, is that Jesus “was tempted IN ALL WAYS as we are, yet without sin.” [Heb. 4:15] Does this mean He was tempted with a physical attraction to Mary Magdalen? …or any woman for that matter? Well, ask yourself if you have ever been tempted physically by the opposite sex, and then wonder what the phrase “in all ways” means.

  4. This is the best explanation of concupiscence. I’ve heard the explanation before, but it just never clicked. Jesus would not have a “disordered” attraction to Mary Magdalen, because he couldn’t. Sleep, hunger, anger, love, can or can not be disordered. In our Lord’s case, he couldn’t have a disordered reaction, because he is both God and man. Since he was fully human, he would have the regular emotions, just not the disordered emotions..or attachments or what ever you want to call the. Not sure why everyone wants to think of Jesus as having “the hots for Mary Magdalen” He has given us so much, I don’t need to think he’s like me (getting turned on by Mark Harmon or David Tennant, talk about disordered!!!) He was fully divine, fully human, and that is enough to keep me contemplating for the rest of my life. Thank you sweet Lord, I can’t get enough.

    • Concerning concupiscence, Martin Luther once said, “I cannot prevent birds from flying over my head, but I CAN prevent them from building a nest in my hair.” Concupiscence is allowing birds to build a nest in one’s hair. You use the word ’emotion’. What Jesus experienced was ‘temptation.’ If we can agree that your ’emotion’ is the same as ‘temptation’, and that your ‘disordered emotion’ is the same as your reference to ‘concupiscence’ (or we can introduce ‘lust’), then I think we are on the same page… and you are right… His being both human and divine is a mystery that will keep us all occupied as well for a very long time!

  5. Just because there were temptations on Jesus did not mean that He acted on them. Jesus is God. And even if we say that He is also 100% man, we are not talking about just a man. I know a lot of people dedicated to the faith, honesty, loyalty, celebacy, etc, who fully fulfill their mission and never act out or give in to temptation. Since the Holy Spirit can give us grace to stand up for Christ, especially during temptations, you better believe it that in addition to the fact that He never had sinful actions, He was never corrupted in thoughts as well.

  6. What I don’t understand about these comments is how anyone can know for sure. He came as a man to experience. We know that she was very important to him and really that is all that matters. What should only matter to us, is that he died for our sins. What difference does it make about physical contact he had , it isn’t something that can ever be proven or disproved.

    • There are things in Scripture that we just accept on faith… not blind faith, but a faith that looks into the darkness of the unknown and believes based on what the whole of Scripture indicates. It is true that our response to His dying for our sins is the most important direction our life will take — both here on earth and for whatever will be the next great thing, but if we dismiss all the other indicators of how Jesus’ lived His life while here on earth, we will mitigate or neuter or diminish the completeness of God’s work in us — which is to shape us into the image of Christ. Simply put, if we dismiss as unimportant OUR BELIEF that Jesus had a physical relationship with Mary, then we may dismiss those kinds of relationships in our own life as well. His purity leads to our own purity — whether pre-marital, marital or extra-marital.

  7. May the Lord Jesus forgive àll of you, because the standard of the Lord about lust is in Matthew 5:28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
    Please read and study carefully with Bible.

    • bro chong :: read ALL of the Bible. ‘Temptation’ is feeling the attraction. This means you are at a crossroads where one road leads to purity and the other to sin. The road pointing to sin is ‘lust’. Walking down this road means you are actively committing adultery in your heart… or put another way, it is allowing your mind to create a desire that longs to be fulfilled. Read ALL of scripture. It tells us that Jesus found Himself at this crossroads many times, but ALWAYS took the road leading to purity. Jesus NEVER lusted.

    • This only reveals your partial understanding of scripture. ‘Lust’ is the cultivation, the watering, feeding, tending, protection of the temptation. As Martin Luther said :: “I cannot prevent birds from flying over my head, but I can prevent them from building a nest in my hair.”
      Temptation is NOT sin. Yielding to it, however—whether by thought or action IS.

  8. was mary magdalene a young woman or an old woman, who was pardoned of her life of sin prior to meeting Jesus

  9. I also very humbly wanted to add, to Daughter Zion was what was stated and after reading the prophesies in depth it is who was revealed as his wife, or the promised bride, before the church was made the bride. Also he stated those who have been married and would lust after or want to marry would be considered adultery. As well, in Levitical practice it is unlawful for a teach or a priest to marry anyone but a virgin, so to consider her a wife or potential would be considered unlawful and of sin. Furthermore, it should be possibly questions the reasons in which why we would expect for Our Lord, perfect and free from sin to have a divorced woman rather than a wife. It would have been a sin to lust or to have wanted another mans wife. I believe this is unjust and unlawful it is not of Our Perfect Sinless and Completed Promise in Jesus Christ. She followed him gives me also reason to believe that this was not of a romantic traditionally lead the Jewish husband recognition of a wife is through Wisdom, which leads him. The adulteress is the opposite of this. The point I believe that was meant, is that she followed Him, that was One in the Father and that He was not lead by her. This proves to myself, and through his leadership, that an adultress did not lead him, to continue her act would have lead us all to marriage or being fully committed to God unto death. He said in other words: “She is still married.”

  10. Getting attracted to the opposite sex is not wrong. Scripture or tradition would have simply noted it if Jesus was attracted. Since there is no such mention, we believe Jesus was not.

    • However, when we see a shadow, we have a pretty reliable indicator of the shape of the substance. Even though scripture doesn’t literally say He was physically attracted, the passage cited :: “…tempted in ALL ways…” gives gives liberal freedom to believe He was sexually attracted. For all humanity, those who are tempted in this way, it actually helps to imagine the yearning of Jesus’ heart for one of God’s great blessings of the flesh :: an intimate bond with another human being. The secondary blessing of considering this heavenly solidarity, is His perfect victory over that temptation. This grants us the power to do the same. We CAN resist what is so easy to believe is irresistible.

  11. Him.being God, even if he would have been attracted in that manner to a woman, he would have not acted upon it. He would be above all of these feelings and emotions and he have no sin, and have not sinned. This is the way which he wants us all to follow. We need not act on all the emotions that we feel, specially if it will lead us to sin.

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