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A very petite lady could only carry two of her triplets to full term without killing herself and two of them. So she chose to abort one. If she had not, there’d be only one baby with no mother. What should someone do in such a situation?


She had another choice, and it is the only right one: She could have chosen to not abort any and put the matter in the Lord’s hands. He is never outdone in generosity. Why is it that we always think of him last? I know of a case in which the doctors removed a cyst the size of a fist which was next to a baby in the womb. Such surgery always causes a spontaneous miscarriage. But the family prayed and put it in God’s hands. Not only was the baby not expelled from the womb, he is now the priest who is answering this question.


  • rebecca says:

    How could a person choose wich baby to kill? How do you tell this story to your children? U got lucky we flipped a coin

  • Amber says:

    Your story sir, is a fantastic one and it gives me hope that with a problem such as high likelihood of getting an ectopic pregnancy that runs in the family, that everything will be okay.

  • Elizabeth says:

    When I was pregnant…I was diagnosed with a large blood clot, behind my placenta. The doctor said..if I did not aboard the baby..we would both likely die. I chose NOT to abort my child, and was put on bed rest until the outcome of my pregnancy. I delivered a healthy baby girl. On 11-6-1997. I put my life on the line..because the love I already felt for my child was so strong..I was willing to die for her. Thanks be to God..always. She is now 17.. Strong, and thriving…about to attend YALE. Gods will , is always done. I’m sorry your friend chose to abort one of her children.

    • Joseph says:

      A wonderful testimony Elizabeth. Thank God for saving your life and the life of your child. As per the answer given to the question above, in every situation, we should always put God first. Our God is a great and mighty God to whom nothing is impossible. Great and mighty is our wonderful God.

  • Erod says:

    This is a very beautiful and inspiring answer thank you so much! My baby felt asleep in God’s arm unexpectedly 5 days after she was born completely healthy, she did not show any sign of passing away she was very peaceful and in my arms with the family when it happened. Although it has been very difficult to accept this I know God’s will and mercy it’s bigger than anything. I have always being against abortion, and having my baby girl showed me that we are all here to protect them and that every single life matters, no matter how long or how short it would be. I thank God for the opportunity to have met an angel, and to have a saint as my daughter.

  • Mary says:

    I agree with the spirit of the reply but not the blaming tone in which it was delivered. This mother did the best she could facing an unbelievably hard and frightening situation. It’s great when we’re able to “walk by faith and not by sight” but come ON! Judge not, etc. Extend to this woman the kindness and understanding she deserves. Only God knows her heart and what suffering she endured and endures. And as her loving Father, I am sure God is not casting stones. God bless us all.

  • Sue says:

    So it was OK to remove the cyst though… I mean why didn’t they just leave it up to the Lord to remove that problem? But it’s not OK to remove a baby that would never be born anyway because of the situation it was in?
    I just think that if that baby was 100% going to die before birth, also killing another child, that’s just making sure as many babies as possible make It into the world. No?

    • Anne Marie says:

      As a practicing obstetrician I know that the premise of the question is ridiculous because there is no way any physician can say that there is a 100% chance that the mom and babies will die because she is “too petite” to carry triplets. Certainly there is a high chance of a preterm birth but extreme prematurity which would mean the survival of none of the babies is no more likely in a “petite” woman than an average size woman. Additionally “selective reduction” or abortion of one of the babies is itself a medical procedure with the risk of multiple complication which could lead to the loss of all three babies.

    • Audri G. says:

      Thats called double effect. As Catholics, we can do a medical procedure to save a life even if that procedure causes the death of a baby…. But only indirectly. The intent is not to kill the baby, but it might be an unavoidable side effect of a procedure like removing a cyst.

      The difference is the direct killing of a human being.

      For example, it wouldn’t be moral for someone to kill you because your organs would save several lives. You’re going to die one day anyways. The earlier it is, the healthier the organs. 30 years off your life might add hundreds of cumulative years to donors lives.

      But life is more precious than that. The state of our souls is more precious than that. And even death is more precious than that.

  • Azih Nwakaego says:

    same here…………there is obvious hope that a blocked fallopian tubes will open for one to conceive

  • Lee says:

    my parents had the same choice…either they abort me or my mom would die or both of us would die and she will leave behind 4 kids under the age of 10…they turned to the rosery and I thank God every day…they turned to God and not to man….I was born healthy and my mom is the good age of 70 plus….God answers prayers…I’m living proof…

  • Joe says:

    Just wow!
    For a moment, when I read the question, I must confess, that I thought it was a ‘wiser’ choice to go ahead with the abortion. What was I thinking?
    Thanks for your witness which strengthened my faith! 🙂
    Surely, the Lord can never be outdone in generosity!

  • Terese says:

    My first thought was – is it a man or a woman answering this question about abortion ? And of course it is a man saying no to abortion. It makes me angry, that men completly out of contecst with the actuel case/people – even dare to have an opinion. Be humble and do not
    judge or implicate was is the right action. Let only the woman and the people who participate in her life descided what is the rigth action.
    But of course also consulting with God.

    • Hambone says:

      Terese, your answer smacks of senseless prejudice that borders on bigotry. Why should men not be allowed to have opinions on abortion? It’s very insulting that you believe men are unable to conceptualize or understand the issues at stake in abortion. By your logic, you should not be allowed to “dare to have an opinion” on racism if you’re white, or poverty if you can pay the bills. If you think abortion isn’t an issue that affects men, let me remind you that nearly half the babies murdered before birth are boys. It surely affects them.
      I do try to be humble– by submitting to the Word of God. He makes it very clear: Murder is wrong, always and in every context. I do not need to be a woman to understand this. I will pray for you that you can open your heart and mind to God’s infinite wisdom.

    • Ken says:

      @Terese: your mentality here was just described in the priest’s answer. Turn to God not to man. You added God in at the end of your post which just further proved his point.

    • Many women also say no to abortion. It is not a decision restricted to women. To take an innocent life is always wrong-for a man or for a woman.

  • joyce says:

    Let us pray for tmhe soul of the unborn baby n alsso for the mum. Somet n painful. God and The mother are the only one’s who know what she’s going thru. Let’s pray for them.

  • I cannot judge anyone for the choices they make in life. That is God’s job. I could never had done it and I am thankful I never had to face something like that.

  • Tina says:

    Okay that’s very stupid because if the mother gonna die the only way to save her life is to abort . So it’s okay for baby’s to grow up without a mother I guess that what god wanted right

  • If the woman used IVF that resulted in this situation then she was aware and agreed to the high probability to have an abortion.

  • M. HARVEY says:

    If she used IVF, that is against the church, so she was not following any rules. However, she did what she felt was the best for her babies and we should not be judging.

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