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So many Protestants I know use the King James Bible. Who was King James, and what authority did he have to produce a Bible?


James I reigned as king of England from 1603 to 1625. He was the son of Mary Queen of Scots, and he had been king of Scotland before succeeding to the English throne at the death of Queen Elizabeth I. He was prompted to produce an English Bible because of the poor and tendentious copies being circulated in England. He feared these could be used by seditious religious and political factions.
His authority was one usurped from the Catholic Church, beginning with his predecessor King Henry VIII. Henry had broken with the Catholic Church and made himself the head of the Church in England, which soon enough became the Church of England. You could say James had no more authority in biblical matters than any head of state, basically none. What authority would a “George Bush Bible” have? The true authority and safeguard over Scripture was and has to be the Catholic Church, to which Christ gave his authority. No secular authority has any rightful authority over the Bible.


  • David says:

    Rubbish! Christ did not give his authority to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is an apostate church, which lies relentlessly about the bible, God, the Nature of God, and the reason why Jesus Christ was sent here. It should also be noted that King James was a homosexual.

    • Bob says:

      To call the Catholic Church apostate is to call Jesus a liar. Jesus said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His church. He gave papal authority and the keys to the kingdom to Peter. There has been an unbroken line of popes sitting in the chair of Peter from Francis all the way back to Peter. The Catholic Church is the only Church that was around back then with direct unbroken apostolic succesion to the Chair of Peter that is still around today. I suppose that one of the 35,000 protestant churches is actually the true church that Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against. Oh, that’s right, they have only been around at most a few hundred years dating backing anywhere from Luther’s heresy to maybe last week.

      • Lord Carmel says:

        Give a Papal authority? That’s a lie that’s a twisted story of Romans… because of power because domination… and one of the reason during the Great Schism of 1054AD because of power Romans wants

    • You mean you believe that Christ was a liar and the Bible is full of His lies since it was written by Catholics and collated by the Catholic Church. It’s been called Catholic at least since AD 104, when St. Ignatius of Antioch, a Catholic bishop, mentioned it in his epistle to the Romans when he was on his way to the thrown to the lions in Rome.
      King James had to be Protestant. Elizabeth I chopped off his Catholic mother’s head. If you have not taken a world history class yet, do so. You can read about the Protestant Reformation (1500 & 1600’s, not AD 33) that began the Protestant churches like the Lutheran (named for its founder, Martin Luther), the Anglican church and Henry VIII who founded it, and the Presbyterian, begun by its founder, John Calvin. Notice none of those men were named Jesus Christ.
      Pray to be converted and to believe in Christ and in His Church.

    • David Blyth says:

      David your comment and claim contradicts sacred Scripture.

    • Dave Helmkamp says:

      For 1500 years after Christ the Catholic Church was the only Christian Church and compiled the Bible until Martin Luther removed six books and started his own religion which has morphed into over 40,000 denominations of Christianity to date. If the Bible is the inspired word of God how in the world can Christians be so confused on so many important issues after Martin Luther. I don’t think it’s because the Holy Spirit is a prankster.

      • Doods says:

        I believe its 7 books were removed by Luther in the original 73 books of the Bible making it 66 books of the the Lutheran Bible. Pls mind the numbers they’re not accidental… 73 minus 7 became 66.

    • Marianne Rinke says:

      Very wrong David.

    • Charles gower says:


    • William Carulli says:

      It’s your reply that is incorrect. Once again I say if Christ was the son of God in which he was. And Christ was sent here to show us how he wants man to live, and to redeem us from our sins, and he was. Wouldn’t you think he would want to name successors to carry on his church? He did, and that is what the Catholic Church is. All others are broken off because of reasons of this world. Have a great day and God bless.

  • Errol says:

    Jesus did give His Church, The Catholic Church the authority to compile the bible together. The way this was done was through Tradition and not the scriptures alone. Pope Damasus I in the council of Rome 382 AD decreed all of the books of the bible including the Deuterocanicals by the guiding of the Holy Spirit John 16:13. In the 16th century wanted to removed certain books of the bible James, 2 Peter, Revelation, and the Deuteronicanicals. By what authority does he have to remove any books? None. In the same way what authority does King James is able to produce his own bible? None.

    • Deb says:

      How ever Pope Damasus 1 did leave out several Books. He did not feel they were important enough to add to the Bible, at any time you can look up the Books online now though.

      • aymamibrockway says:

        Once the canon of the Bible was set in the 4th century it was set. No pope or any Catholic EVER removed any books from the Bible, ever. It wasn’t until Luther, who thought he knew better than the Holy Spirit (God), that any books were removed from the Bible. Ever since Luther, protestants have been using a corrupted false version of the Bible edited to fit the word of a man, Luther, and not the word of God. Pope.
        Name any books that were removed from the Bible by Pope Damasus 1 or anyone other than Luther. Cite your sources.

  • Seto says:

    I guessed the answer only.Now I can say I know without assumption.Thank you for the history and on Tradition.

  • Its true,,,king james dont have authority not bind in catholic,,, all protestant using this bible take credit from catholic effort,, shame to all protestant,,,

    • luisa semillano says:

      I agree…. and this is what protestants either “do not realize”, or “refuse to agree”. The big irony is so much that the
      bible they use to attack us come from exactly the the Holy Tradition of our Church.

  • antrikos says:

    Ok. King James didn’t have the authority for tranlsation. Please tell us which are the errors of the translation (and which are the errors of Vulgata in the translation from the greek prototype)

    • aymamibrockway says:

      There are a few translation errors in 1 and 2 Maccabees, Judith, Tobit, Baruch, Sirach, and Wisdom, and parts of Esther and Daniel. They are left out completely! How’s that for translation errors? Luther left these books out because the anti-Catholic anti-Christian Jews removed these books centuries earlier in an attempt to further separate Jews from Christians. I guess Luther was doing the same thing, he and his followers wanted to separate themselves from Christianity. He succeded. Luther thought he knew better than the Holy Spirit and ever since his followers have been worshiping a man made religion rather than the word of God. The reasoning given for removing these books, for the Jews at least, was that these books were never written in Hebrew. Well not so fast. In 1947 fragments in Hebrew of Tobit and Sirach were discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition, most Scripture scholars believe that 1 Maccabees, Judith, Baruch and parts of Wisdom were also originally written in Hebrew. So much for that.

      • arc ordanza says:

        Those seven books removed by Luther are not written in Hebrew they were written in Greek…

        • Bob says:

          wrong. Ever since 1947 when the Hebrew Tobit and Sirach were discovered this incorrect assumption of the protestants has been proven wrong. Read my post. How can you say they were not written in Hebrew when you can go to Israel and see them yourself! They exist.

          • Arc says:

            The truth is, most of the books of the Bible were written in Hebrew or Greek. In the Old Testament, 39 of the 46 books were originally written in Hebrew (with some portions written in Aramaic). 7 other books, called the deuterocanonicals (Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch, and First and Second Maccabees. ) were written in Greek. This explains, in part, why Catholic Bibles have 46 books in the Old Testament and Protestant Bibles have only 39 – Protestants do not recognize those 7 books as part of the canon of the Bible.

  • nethans says:

    Its true! Generally,no catholic no christianity!

  • cat says:

    Kjv is also missing 7 books of the bible. The best translation is the Douay-Rheim bible

  • Charlie says:

    catholic shit…

    • Dr. eddie says:

      If you are Christian or you believe in Christ, this is not His teaching to curse, his teaching is love, forgiveness and bless not to CURSE…so if you are a protestant to me… you are not christian… you are a heretic believer…Jesus found ONE Church not 40,000
      different believes…Read the HISTORY first…God bless you my friend

  • Robert says:

    Catholics go against the Bible. If you would stop sitting under a man reading lattin and read the Bible yourself you would see the false. 1 necromancy is an abomination unto God. Marry and the saints that are dead can not be prayed to. Jesus is the high priest we no longer have to go before a man as they did in old testament. And finally the idol you people worship called the pope is on his way to bust hell wide open! If the pope has authority and can’t speak false why did catholics have 2 popes that both dismembered the other. Wake up the catholic church is the great w**** spoken of in Revaluation.

    • aymamibrockway says:

      Catholics wrote and assembled the Bible. The Bible you worship so much was assembled under the authority of the Catholic Church. If you reject the authority of the Church and the pope, then you must also reject the Bible. The office of the pope was established by Jesus. Oh, and we don’t worship idols. This one is getting a bit old, don’t you think. Please head Jesus’ commandments before you go around calling anyone a w****, especially His one holy catholic and apostolic Church. It also wouldn’t hurt to learn how to spell.

      • aymamibrockway says:

        Ha ha ha ha. – heed, not head. That’s the hand of God at work here. He is telling me, “Dude, stop being so arrogant”. I regretted posting the “learn to spell” comment almost as soon as I hit the post comment button. It was rude and added nothing to the conversation. I apologize for that. But God got me for it. I’ll keep it civil.

    • hilary says:

      Robert I realize u are a product of Lutherans and of resent Dan Brown. I realised that there is a grand connivance btw Dan Brown and the Protestant to redicul the truth the protestants hold the writing of Dan Brown in high esteem is just that when it comes to Dan Brown’s writing on Jesus christ directly they try to defend but when it comes to the Catholic Church they agree with him. E.g Dan Brown said Jesus had affair with Mary magdeline and had children which the Catholic cult (prior of sion) has tried to assassinate , the protestants will always belief the Catholic cult action is true, but that of Jesus is not true. Jesus never said he will give authority to the Bible but to the church. The concept of biblical authority is of Luther not Jesus, bcos the Bible is also a product of the church. Understand that Luther does not have the onus to bring up a tradition that has bn since apostolic era so he decided to tell u to follow the Bible, Jesus was not stupid in giving the authority to the apostle and the church bcos the Bible itself rely on the interpretation of the church. It is the word of Luther against jesus u decide which one u want to follow, truth can b bitter but it is the truth, and truth is not right of Luther but of Christ pls stop stuffing urself with lutheranism I was like u but had to salvage myself pls I’m not trying to win u but I’m just encouraging u to make independent research and the truth shall set up free

    • Ar. Pat says:

      Latin, not lattin, Mary, not Marry, Revelation, not Revaluation so better shut up and go to school to learn, hahaha!

  • estong bicol says:

    I agree with Robert that the Catholics go against the Bible. Catholics actually are not Christians, they Marians and other entities. The Ten Commandment forbid the worship of idols and even having or owning it is sin and yet look at them. The Pope is infallible they said, but the Bible said that all have sin and fall short of the glory of God.

    • aymamibrockway says:

      Learn about Catholicism before you slam it. You do not know what you are talking about. Catholics do not worship idols. Catholics consider it a grave and mortal sin to worship anything other than God. If we are forbidden from having graven images then are you going to hell for having a driver’s license with your picture on it? Do you own any photographs? Do you have any books with illustrations? Do you carry money with pictures of dead presidents? These are all graven images. But you say, “But I don’t worship them”. Exactly! Neither do Catholics worship statues.
      The pope is as fallible as you and I are. The doctrine of infallibility only applies to issues of faith and morals and only when speaking from the chair of Peter while guided by the Holy Spirit. Popes make mistakes and even sin all the time, just like you and I do.
      Now you know the truth. What will you do with it? Will you continue to spread the lies you have been told by your protestant leaders and ignore the facts? Will you bear false witness against your neighbor? You say Catholics break the commandments by worshipping idols but protestants habitually, willingly and knowingly bear false witness against their neighbors all the time. Talk about hypocrisy.

    • hilarious says:

      U talked of imaging that means God supported image when he told Solomon to include image of seraphim (angels) in the temple and told moses to make image of serpent so that anyone who looks at it will b saved from the snake bite, in fact some translation will say except you worship the image of the serpent they will not be save from the snake bite in fact the prophet compare it to worship of Christ when it says just as moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness so will the son of Man b lifted up and he will draw all men to him. These are article of faith in the cath church they help u to understand u r faith better and sometimes jesus might use sand to heal when he can simply say it and it is done. But all these he does bcos they hv theological meaning. The problem with protestants is that there pastors are not deep in understanding the Scripture so they keep on interpreting the Bible literally, all it takes 4 them to stand on pulpit is to say the “holy spirit told me” but the Catholic priest is a complete breed when it comes to interprete the Bible, they take into cognisance the literal, cultural, historical context of the text and that’s y they are careful and don’t just make speeches that will excite u. And I think protestants pastors need to be train by Catholic church on the Bible.

    • Susan says:

      Jesus invited anyone without sin to cast the first stone. Truly, who do you know who is without sin? Fortunately God loves us still even in our deepest darkest sin?

  • Jennifer Roof says:

    The bible says all have sinned; taken out of context. Read it again. Do babies sin? Did Jesus sin? The Catholic church is the church founded by Christ. Reread Matt 16 Please! Also the bible we don’t read and you do was put together by the Catholic church. Come to Mass and you’ll see just how much of the Bible we get, you may be surprised to find out that we hear more Scripture in our Mass then you do in your services.

  • JR says:

    The Pope is infallible when teaching on faith/morals. He is not impeccable, and happens to be a sinner like the rest of us. He is protected by the Holy Spirit when teaching on faith and morals.

  • Dr. eddie says:

    Jesus said ” I will be with you until the end of age, and the gate of hell will not prevail it” . Is that means Jesus left His Church without the Holy Spirit’s Guidence for 1,600 years ( dead church) in which during this dead period without the presence of Jesus with His Church YOU and Martin Luther receiced and accept the Catholic Bible specially the New Testament which is in your hands now and you are copying verses from it like a parakeet without knowing the right interepretation…wake up my friend…read again the history and the tradition of the Church, then you know you are in a heresy believe like Arius…If you don’t know who is Arius then now you have to go to Church History and Holy Tradition…God bless you

  • Tum B. Deus says:

    Thanks 2 all you defenders of the truth. The Catholic church is always under attacks, but has stood the test of time…read ‘built on a rock’, and not on sand like the doomsday sayers are always enthusiastically and possessively attacking it. We are all sinners continuously seeking God’s grace, but it all has to be in love and truth. Respect thy parents and Not to bear false witness are the ten commandments seriously under attack here.
    Lord Jesus Christ 4gv us, continue 2 avail us with Your Holy Spirit 4 guidance!!!

  • Samuel says:

    Robert you know little about the bible I wish how dare say saints and mother mary are dead if u real believe in christ jesus . Do you remember the Transfiguration where moses appeared with elijah was dat not the dead moses.
    Why do some Splinter groups an dorminion pray an say The God of Abraham , Isaac and dat of jacob are these not dead people . If u were true christians u would know that we serve the living God and that In christ jesus all saints are rejoycing with Him in His glory and that they r alive . They themselves interceeds for us Read Rev:5:8 .
    So a true christian cant say that we pray to the dead when Christ over came death and yet He is living seated at the right hand of the Father, God almighty.

  • Michael says:

    Pls I have really loved these viewer comments. Thanks U people who have sought to know the truth and have really proven U know it. God bless U all. Pls I want Fr. Lukefahr, Scott Hans, David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi to talk to me. Pls someone should help me get any of these persons. I can be reached at darlynm81@gmail.com

  • The answer quoted is not in any way correct. King James possibly paid for the translation he did not commission it. The correct name is the “Authorised Version” to differentiate it from the Wycliffe and Tyndale Bibles. Also if you are a believer in “Apostolic Succession” then as all of the bishops in the church at that time had been laid hands on by 3 other bishops (almost all of which were defecting from the Roman Catholic Church), not to be confused with the Eastern Catholic (usually referred to as Orthodox), Anglo-Catholic, or catholic churches, so were ordained correctly and if tradition is correct could trace their succession from Peter. So to get rid of some of the nonsense surrounding the Authorised Version, it was not commissioned by King James, was not the first or even the second translation of the Bible into English, used the language of the day, and is far less accurate than for example the NRSV or NIV, as both of those have the benefit of the Codex Sineaticus (an entire Bible from AD350 or possibly a bit earlier) the Qumran texts (also known as the Dead Sea Scrolls) and the Nag Hamedi texts among others all of which have been found in the last 200 years. An example of it’s inaccuracy is “Kutonet Passim” which has been translated in the AV as “multi-coloured coat” well “Passim” just means to the wrist and refers to any type of garment not just coats, and “Kutonet” is spelled one letter different to “multi-coloured” and we really don’t have much of a clue what it means as it only appears twice in any Hebrew documents including Genesis.

  • Mwenya Elias Phiri says:

    Well, I understand fully the harsh tags that have rose here. One thing I have learnt in life is that ‘every story has two faces or sides.’ The protestants, have there side of the story about Catholic according to what they intend to teach or indoctrinate their converts. I am a Catholic who has gone to schools of protestants and currently at an SDA University and I have learnt a lot from my experience. They know the both sides but they TEACH the most UGLIEST side which they have formulated to either threaten or scare Catholics who do not have much understanding about the Catholic Church.

    • Doods says:

      The Bible was written because of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. He gave authority of the Bible to the Catholic Christians and no other.

  • Craig A Kubiak says:

    There was a church before the bible, under the authority of the church God gave it, it picked out which books woiuld make up the bible and the church persevered the copies until there came out a mass printer invented by a catholic and it was the first book ever printed. Christ never said to make bibles, it’s through the church he gave us that we have a bible. So any time we open a bible we are declaring the authority of the catholic church.

  • Frank Ned says:

    My problem with the catholic church is this: why do we have several varsions of the Catholic Bible?
    We have Goodnews, African Bible, Jerusalem Bible, American Bible e.t.c

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