Why did the Church ban the Divine Mercy devotion from 1959 to 1978?

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Why did the Church ban the Divine Mercy devotion from 1959 to 1978?


Because of faulty translations from the original Polish, St. Faustina Kowalska’s writings were considered doctrinally suspect, and so the Holy See suppressed the Divine Mercy devotion arising from those writings for about twenty years. Once the translations were corrected, the ban was lifted. The reversal of the suppression depended heavily upon the work of the Cardinal Archbishop of Krakow (Poland); the same year that the suppression was lifted (1978), that cardinal was elected pope and took the name John Paul II.

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  1. Rules against the clergy being in secret societies look to go back to the Council of Chalcedon or maybe further back for all I know. Specific prohibitions on Freemasonry go back to the eighteenth century. More detail as to why can be found in varied sources.

  2. Wow. Polish must be a mind-bogglingly difficult language, if it took them 20 YEARS to translate it correctly…
    The article doesn’t say whether the same mistranslations were made in every language the writings were translated to.

    • Sr. Faustina was illiterate and wrote phonetically and without punctuation. The fact that she obeyed her superiors when asked to write and did so over multiple years in spite of her educational challenges is miraculous in itself.

  3. Jesus had told her this would happen! Its been my experience, also…that the biggest enemies to those who advance ‘spiritually’ or are blessed or ‘gifted’ by God, by ‘experiences’…are religious people!! Those that think they are in a superior position

  4. I love to.get the rosary on this page. May I know where I might be able to purchase one please? Please help me. Pls email me. Thank you.

    • Magdalene; The Internet has many sources for rosaries; EWTN (their religious catalog), The Catholic, and you can always “Google” the term “rosaries” to find some. Don’t forget to ask at your local Catholic Church for some recommendations as well.

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