Why is missing Mass such a terrible sin when it doesn’t affect anyone but me and God?

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Why is skipping Mass such a grievous sin as opposed to murder, which directly harms the life of another person? Skipping Mass affects no one but myself and God.


“Skipping Mass affects no one but myself and God.” And God? Since when are human persons more important than God? There is an infinite difference between measuring God by our standards and measuring ourselves by his. We have to start with God when we look at everything. Since he came first, he comes first. He is not just a bigger version of us. He has commanded us to “Keep holy the Lord’s day,” and he has a right to demand this of us. Anything of value in our lives (including human life) has value only because of his infinitely greater value. But Mass is not just a matter of acknowledging his sovereignty, which is what worship is. It is being present at the foot of the cross and giving thanks for the Passion and death that he endured for our benefit. He loves us so much that he underwent all that suffering to demonstrate his love for us in a way we could somewhat understand. To skip Mass is one of many ways of turning our backs on that love.


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  1. I look for a more authentic form of worship in the Mass, The new form of the Mass which becomes wide-world practice lacks the solemnity and sacrificial character of the Eucharist. I wish the old traditional Mass will also be said even once a month. Though it was promulgated by Pope Paul VI, I still hold on to the original of Pope Pius V, “Cor Primum.” which for many centuries became the rule of prayer in the Catholic Church.

  2. When I do not go to church on Sunday I fill empty nothing goes right that day,I know Allthe responses by heart ,I need the mass,I need to go to communion to take the blood of Christ , ilove the mass,I love the prayers,that is part of my life.

  3. More or less 3 years I’m not attend the mass,all I do is read about the Son of God at the internet..
    I want to confessed, but I didn’t know where I’m start..
    I know and I’m assured to myself that I’m a sinner,I want to repent for all my mistakes,and become a follower of Jesus..but how??please help me Jesus Christ for being a good follower..

  4. I am hearing impaired and read lips. Going to mass consist of me reading all of the prayers and readings rather than listening to the priest. I cannot understand sermons when the priest moves all over the place. I go to church but at times I do not feel as if I’m getting anything out of it. Recently I have had good days and bad days dealing with arthritis and taking Meds for BC. Those days I choose not to go.

  5. I love mass too, I feel bad when I don’t “visit” the Lord and receive communion, I can notice it in my week.

  6. The Holy sacrifice of the mass is the renewal of Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross for our salvation!The Holy Eucharist is the presence of the body and blood of our Lord! The Holy Eucharist is in the mass !That’s why we need to attend the Holy sacrifice of the mass! It is being at the foot of the Cross, giving thanks to our Lord for our salvation! I, a devout Catholic person need to attend mass! Without it, we have no spirituality, no connection of our Lord who died for us to save us!

  7. Laureano, just a suggestion for you…Going to see a Catholic priest is one way of confessing your sins so you will receive absolution from him and can receive holy communion.too.This is like a general confession.You will then need to have confession even once a month to a Catholic priest..This is what I’ve learned from our Catechism.Try joining the Legion of Mary if you have one in your place….It is here where you learn to be follower of our Lord!

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Written by Raphael Benedict

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