Yes, God can forgive a soul in Hell when they ask for pardon. But..


Question: Can God forgive a soul in Hell when they ask for pardon?

Answer: Emm, Yes

However, there is a “But”. Let’s get something straight first, NO SOUL IN HELL CAN BE SAVED. This does not mean that God cannot forgive a soul in hell when they ask for pardon, it means however that the soul CAN NO LONGER sincerely ask mercy of God. Souls in Hell cannot love, cannot be sorry, cannot be moved to anything good and sincere, therefore, they cannot be moved to speak to God in a loving manner.

When this soul was on earth it didn’t want communion with God, it resisted the graces of God; it wanted to be “left alone”. Hell means a state of “being left alone” for all eternity.

God respects everyone’s free choice to be left alone. He can NEVER COERCE; he can never force anyone to commune with him in Heaven when they don’t want it. “Wanting it” means obeying God’s commands till the end, using the Sacraments worthily, paying an ear of obedience to the Church. Sin means refusing God either temporarily or permanently when we sin and refuse to abandon those sins and return to Him.

“We cannot be united with God unless we freely choose to love him. But we cannot love God if we sin gravely against him, against our neighbor or against ourselves: “He who does not love remains in death. .. To die in mortal sin without repenting and accepting God’s merciful love means remaining separated from him for ever by our own free choice. This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called “hell.””
CCC 1033

God NEVER changes, He is ALWAYS merciful.

However, the souls in hell are selfish and against God. They HATE His Light, His Name, His Face and everything about Him to them breeds hatred and disgust. That’s “Hell”; they are forever cut off from the most Beautiful, Powerful, Loving, Peaceful Father and Lover. A soul in hell does not have the light of grace to feel contrition. In fact, so many Church Fathers believe that the souls in hell curse and rant against God for all eternity.

Is this surprising? A soul who rebelled against God in life cannot be his friend in death. This soul has so disposed himself to selfishness and self-love that he is absolutely unable to love God or any other except himself. In fact, at death, he is also unable to love himself since true self-love ultimately comes from God. One can say that a soul who loved himself in life necessarily does anything to ensure his happiness for all eternity.

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Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed


  1. I cant believe what im reading. This is so painful. So people in hell cannot be save anymore. If person died with so much anger and hatred in his heart it can never be change? We here on earth cannot do anything or even pray for that soul to be saved?

  2. Less words, less mistakes! Some of the practices today are concocted by the friars. And sad that we are still enslaved by that mentality. Read the book, “Noli Me Tangere”, and “El Filibusterismo”.
    A lot of our practices have become traditions that are without biblical basis.
    Example: paying indulgence.

  3. Patrick? Hell is where the soul longs for what it once had and rejected. When goodness ( love) approaches a soul in hell the soul wants it to leave because the longing of not being able to possess love hurts. Hell is the longing for God and no longer being able to posses him. Also it is not knowledge that draws us closer to God, it is the giving of ourselves to him. There are many of Gods children who do this and don’t even realize this. Our Lord explained where he can be found, it was in the knowledge of the poor and the giving of ourselves to them where love is to be found. Seek him here and your mind will be opened by grace.

  4. Patrick, I read your argument and think you may be lacking one very important thing. Insight. Trust that this is not meant as an insult
    You are using canal mind to interpret mystical and esoteric things which don’t match up.
    From one learned Man to the Other, I tell you hell do exist. If you have had the time to research about the Greek mythology then you should also have time to pray for insight into them.
    When the Angels rebelled fell from grace, they abandoned their God-hood and they deceived man to do the same, which we did and hence we fell too. Hence the Savation plan put up by God to save us and bring us back up to the original path which lead to God.
    Tell me if there is no hell, where did God keep Satan and the other Fallen?
    Give it any name you want but it will still mean Hell.
    But a soul in hell can not ask for forgiveness hence can not save itself that’s why Jesus spent three days there to preach to them and save them. Souls in hell can be saved only if it is requested from a holy soul or pure soul and a good heart.
    So when we say pray for the souls in hell, it wasn’t a joke as you may see it. If Jesus was able to do that then it’s possible. But not from those in hell b’cos they can not be sincere as they have no God in them anymore.
    If you want the highly philosophical answer, then please try to learn more about the higher worlds beyond this physical or material world.
    Starting from the physical through the vital, desire and the ethereal world all the way to the world of God. Then you will see where in there hell resides.
    You see without God-insight and God-wisdom, our canal mind with all its intelligence is useless.
    There are teachings for every class of people, catechism is for children who still need the milk of the Mother Church. But once you grow up, you have to start to eat meat and chew bones. The Church can not and will not give bones to everyone so if you think you are ready to face it and start chewing bones. then you have to seek the higher path yourself because from there even the Church can not help you.
    So I hope I made it clear enough for you. But I must say teachings meant for students on the higher path can not be given in public, and not the Church or the Pope can break that Cosmic rule.

  5. Patrick, your arguments against the Church’s dogma do strike a chord, and I admit having my own misgivings about this article but, I also believe that much of the good in me, and many like me, I’ve learned through the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t believe it’s perfect. It’s made up of people so it’s flawed. Like you, I don’t think jesus is a monster. I don’t feel any conflict in feeling that and maintaining faith in my Church. My point in saying all this Patrick is, I’m comfortable in my faith and certain that it has done me eternally more good than harm. And though I’m certain you have good intentions in your personal crusade to educate others on what they may be missing out on, and are angered by beliefs passed on through “child abuse”, know also that you too are “shoving” your world view on people who were happy children growing up, who are good people still, who are very comfortable and have every right to worship the God they choose– most of the time, harmlessly.
    Personally, my experience of “fearing the Lord” is like the fear of offending a good friend. I’d rather not offend someone i care for because, you know, I care for them. 🙂 That’s my understanding of my faith as well. But, I do act like an ass with my friends every now and again and offend God though I don’t like it.
    I don’t fault your wanting to educate others with different beliefs, but have a care about what some would go through as you push your world view.
    You may find our beliefs ignorant but the door could swing both ways.
    I believe that an intelligent loving God created the universe for a purpose. Stephen Hawking does not. Stephen Hawking believes (and I’m paraphrasing him in a discovery special I watched) that creation is a result of a mathematical equation balancing itself. He believed that the whole lot of nothing became something to balance out the nothing– kind of like math, actually, exactly because of math it seems. Personally, I believe my explanation more plausible.
    That an atheist or agnostic would choose to deny the part of a God in creation, i do not understand. That’s not to say I don’t respect any atheist. Some of my best friends are. Like pope Francis, in an article I read about him, I respect atheists that live good lives and do good without the promise of reward or threat of punishment. He said that in doing good, we should all be like atheists.
    God bless you Patrick. I know you’re a nice guy trying to help others. Sorry for not debating your issues. I just had to express some of my own.

  6. This Gannon guy loves circular arguments. He chooses what to ignore from all the very well thought responders from this forum. Please, stop addressing to him, he wont change, he doesn’t want to believe in nothing but his own confusing arguments. Leave him alone because silence is what his head needs. Nothings else. Better spend a minute praying for him than being part of his keyboard games.

  7. Well my dear friends there you have witnessed Scripture in (real time.) GOD Himself tells us in Genesis 3:1 that the serpent is the most cunning of all the creatures HE created. How is it that HE called it cunning? satan is not an idiot, but is an idiot and will use all intelligence the world offers to drag with him into hell anyone who will side with him. The devil knows Scripture, and will twist and conform it for his benefit, and your destruction. satan hates anything GOD LOVES so don’t (get it twisted.) Saint Thomas Aquinas said it best for a man with No faith NO explanation is possible, and for a man with Faith NO explanation is Necessary. May Almighty GOD Bless and keep you HIS LOVE too you.

  8. People who still like to do immoral things and sins ,who dont like to change their evil ways, they are the one who dont accept that there is hell.

  9. Patrick, I thank you for your insight and for the understanding of the words that were given for the place which we call hell. Yet, your claim that God could forgive those souls that have been sent to hell for their transgressions. From the philosophical standpoint, yes He could forgive them because everything is possible for God. To say that He could not would limit God somehow.
    In fact, forgiveness must happen from the person first and while here on earth. It is not the question could God forgive it is will he forgive. However, in the scripture he has told us that he will separate the sheep from the goats and for the righteous will, be on my right and for the Goats will be sent to the place that is prepared for the Devil and his angels. So if we take this as the word of God then there is a place that is Called Hell and souls are sent there if they are not sorry for their sins or that they are in grave sin. It is not that he could forgive them it is more if He wills to forgive them. We cannot answer that question because we do not know the mind of God. However, from the scriptures we are lead to believe that there is a Hell and this place is not redeemable and in the parable of the rich man who wanted Abraham to quiche his thirst, what was said there would also make it clear. Once in Hell your are there to stay. I would think.

  10. Patrick, you certainly have a right to your own opinion since God gave you a free will. But my “FAITH” in God will still allow me to pray that someday, somehow, you will come to know God. You seem to think it is alright to be an evil person who does not have to suffer any consequences for their actions. Hopefully you do not have anyone in your life that you love more than life itself, because if anything ever happened to them you may be the vengeful one. The only difference is, this life is short and the afterlife is eternal. I would be fairly sure you would want to exact your revenge over and over in this life if you possibly could. And should your reply be you would not be so vengeful, then by all means take them into your home and live with them for the rest of your life. Maybe they can do something to someone else you love as well, or maybe just do something to you to thank you for your forgiveness and mercy.

  11. partick is creating his own bible. he adds false opinions and takes words away what is written in the Holy Word of God.
    Rev. 22. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City,and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

  12. @Gannon, if you are in denial of the existence of hell, good for you. Live your life at your own peril, but don’t proselytize others to join you.

  13. Mortal sin or venial sin? I believe those that “hate” in any way are saying they hate God. God is all loving all caring. He is sad and hurt when we show hatred instead of love the way He loves us. How many people in this world can live with someone who does nothing but show hatred toward us? No matter how we try and handle the situation, no matter how many times they say I’m sorry, they continue doing the same things to hurt us, to show their hatred toward us. Do YOU, PATRICK, really want to live an eternity with this person? I am pretty sure if you say yes you are fooling nobody but yourself. How can you expect God to live with people who never really have remorse for their hatred toward Him? Is it not fair that He gives to people what they are truly asking for? If someone hates you are they not wanting to be away from you? Or they just want to day by day torture you with their hatred because they get their “kicks” from doing that. Maybe you think you can live an eternity like that, but I for one cannot. How can you expect God to be any different? That is why they call this a “MORTAL” sin. It will kill you in death as well as in life. Any venial sin is connected to true remorse, meaning you try, sometimes your whole life to stop doing such things, until, with the help of God, you succeed. If on your deathbed you are truly sorry, (that does not include a, hey if I SAY I am sorry then I will go to heaven) but your heart and soul are aching from the wrongs that you have done, one of your last wishes was that you wish you had never done such wrongs, that if you lived, you would never (with the help of God) do such things again, I truly believe you are forgiven. And yes, this would include the hatred that you spread throughout your life. But the key is FEELING the sorrow, heart, mind, body and soul, not just a “God I am sorry, if you take me to heaven I will stop, I PROMISE. It is my opinion, and my OPINION only that He does not send people to hell for torture and revenge but from the sorrow they have caused Him throughout their lives. I don’t think He can bare to be with them and feel that sorrow with each passing minute. That is why (again just my opinion) they say true hell is the absence of God from you for all eternity. He wanted you, you said “NO” so you got what you wanted. I pray, Patrick that you and every soul who believes that if God sends you to hell He is “unfair” toward you, can someday feel in your heart yes feel to the very core of your soul, how truly hard it is to have the FREE WILL that was given you by God. Love Him or hate Him, live with Him or live without Him; it is your choice and your choice only. May the peace of Jesus Christ reign in your heart.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing.I don’t really know if I understood you so well.I’m a catholic but for a couple of days just before the feast of All souls was celebrated, I had some arguments with my girlfriend why the church should keep praying for the souls of those who have departed and are in purgatory per say for God’s mercy and forgiveness.I strongly believe we only have that choice here on earth to follow christ or satan and when we die, our relationship with God would justify our destination.

  14. Where does it say in scriptures that the place where where satan and his demons will be thrown at the end of times is not a place for people??? You may have not read this yet, “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” Matthew 25:41

    1. Patrick, you seem to a make a lot of assumptions in your interpretations of the bible. I wonder by whose teachings do you make your assumptions? How can you be certain which parts of the bible are allegorical based on your assumptions? Are you saying that the bible can only be interpreted by your assumptions and other explanations are false? When you say that the word “eternal” when referring to hell really means “an age” and not “eternity”, is there a passage in the bible that says “eternal” has an end at some point in time? Does this mean that the fallen angels in hell will one day go to heaven?
      We believe that God is eternal, does this mean that He will stop being God at some point in time? If you cannot accept that there is an eternal hell then that is entirely your opinion.

    1. Patrick This is not exactly a right place to sow doubt and expose your very particular interpretation of the bible. This due to the risk of separating souls from the right way. Keep it and ask for advise in a private manner so you don’t make harm conscious or unconsciously confusing others. It is outrageous to hear you judge what is fair or not and what makes God a monster. May be you don’t realize that YOU are a monster.

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