You can survive in the midst of the scorning crowd

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Recalling how challenging school was, then i i was regarded a “weirdo”, no “girlfriend” no “Alcohol” no “partying” etc. Some people especially a guy from my lodge began to suspect whether i was normal, before he noticed i was frequenting the Church, he suspected i was somewhat inclined to occultism (maybe that was why “they” prohibited me from “enjoying” life) lol. Although i am not saying alcohol/partying are sinful in themselves, however they can become big occasions of sin.
Whilst they were enjoying life the way they best knew, i was indeed enjoying Jesus who himself is fullness of Life, whilst they sought love from men, Jesus who is Love filled my heart with contentment. My Christian life was both radical and humanly; never judging others who didn’t think like me, yet never succumbing to things i didn’t find pleasing to God.
I had a very good friend and sister, who also loved Mary crazily, i recall having long talks about God, the Saints, our Beloved Mary, and our desire to be in Heaven together. It was Lovely. I recall the birthday present she once got me: a beautiful frame of Mary, sitting in celestial glory. She was a blessing to my Spiritual life, as i was to her as well. At home too, God blessed me with Four Holy spiritual brothers who challenged me to live in holiness, though i was always lacking in devotion, their presence gave me confidence and hope.
We all can worship God in truth if we have COURAGE. The reason i recount this is because i realized many of us are intimidated to “join them” when we find that we virtually stand alone in the worship of God and in doing what is right. However, God never promised it was going to be easy, he said it was actually going to be hard for us. We would be rejected and scorned, but the prize isn’t for quitters, but for those who persevere till the end.
Even though now i no longer find it easy, since the period of my first fervor has passed, and Spirituality is becoming more daunting, however, with the support of my brethren, my Spiritual Father, and most importantly the intercession of My BEAUTIFUL MARY whose name i bear, i pull through. You can also pull through if you are connected with Heaven through:
1. Prayer
2. Good works
3. Sincere struggle to become holy
Without these your spiritual life may never stand. If you only pray and afterwards live as you like, you will never stand, if you perform some good works but simply do not pray or struggle, there is no reward. If you only struggle with your own strength to live well, you cannot succeed, you absolutely need God. Therefore, the best is to do the three together. Be sure to have recourse to Mary. The Queen of my heart never abandons me, who i still encountered on the First of January this year, filling my heart with New Fires of Love. I will faint in happiness to be with God at last, to sit on the knees of my Mother Mary, and to behold the Face of Christ forever.
Live well, be strong, let us make it there.
May the Lord help us to represent him more and more. Amen.

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