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What Mary Magdalene can teach us about adoring the Lord

Fr Sean Davison writes with profound insight on why she is always depicted at the foot of the Cross I have just been reading a book which, if it has done nothing else, has reminded me, that Eucharistic Adoration is the greatest of all prayers we can make to God (attending Mass is obviously included

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Original Sin: What is it really and why does it matter?

I had a very interesting exchange over the weekend with a man who raised two important questions: First, does the Church teach that the human soul is created at conception? Second, how does the soul contract original sin from Adam? A great deal can go wrong in considering both of these questions. The Church has

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God’s Creation and the Angels

Creation To create is to make things out of nothing, with no material at all being used. We cannot ask: why did God wait so long before creating the world, because before creation, there is no time. Time is a measure of change on a scale of before and after (Aristotle, Physics 4:11). Therefore when–if

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3 Year Old Muslim Cured by Mother’s Prayers to St. Charbel

A three year old girl, Milan, from a Sunni family in Syria, was healed thanks to the intervention of St. Charbel, the Lebanese hermit saint, canonized in 1977 by Pope Paul VI. The family is a family of refugees from Damascus, who arrived in Lebanon after the civil war which has been destroying the country

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What the littlest children can teach us about suffering

“There will be saints among the children." So said Pope Pius X, when he lowered the age that children could receive their First Holy Communion. Previously, children had to be 10 or 12, now they are typically in second grade, or about seven or eight years old, though exceptions are made for some who are

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Our common home really needs your help!

“A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system," warns Pope Francis in his landmark environmental encyclical Laudato Si (“On Care for Our Common Home"). Indeed, the scientific consensus is very solid. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), “97 percent or more of

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Why I Absolutely Love the Feast of the Visitation

When I was received into the Church in 1996, I was encouraged to choose a patron saint. I settled on St. Elizabeth, the mother of St. John the Baptist. I wasn’t baptized until I became Catholic, but I was raised in a Protestant environment. So I chose St. Elizabeth because I saw in her a

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