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A Prayer To The Holy Spirit

Creator Spirit, come and visit the souls that are Yours:

fill with heavenly grace the hearts that You created.


You are called by the names of Paraclete,

gift of God most high, spring of life,

fire, love and the soul’s anointing.


Seven gifts are Yours to give.

You are the finger of the Father’s right hand.

You, the clear promise of the Father,

give men’s tongues the grace of speech.


Kindle a light in our minds,

pour love into our hearts

and uphold with Your unfailing strength

the frailty of our human nature.


Drive our enemy far from us

and give us always the gift of peace;

so may it be that,

with Your grace ever guiding us in this way,

we may avoid all that is sinful.


Grant that through You

we may know the Father and the Son,

and may we ever believe You

to be the Spirit of both

the Father and the Son.


Glory be to God the Father,

and to the Son,

who rose from the dead,

and to the Paraclete

for ever and ever.



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