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A short prayer to help us be more attentive to the sufferings of the poor

These words addressed to St. Vincent de Paul are a perfect way to lift up the most impoverished.


Often called an “apostle of charity,” St. Vincent de Paul dedicated his life to the service of the poorest. This October 17, in celebration of the World Day for Overcoming Poverty (initiated by Fr. Joseph Wresinski, founder of the human rights movement All Together in Dignity Fourth World), we ask St. Vincent de Paul, the source of inspiration for many associations and congregations, to help us to have a compassionate heart for the suffering of those most impoverished.


St. Vincent de Paul,
apostle and witness to the Charity of Christ:
teach us to love God in deed and truth
and, above all, through those
who are poor and needy
that His Providence places in our path.

Teach us not to look away
from life’s wounded,
but to go to them,
to convert them into our brethren.

Find a heart for us that is tender and compassionate
with the pain and suffering of the poor,
especially the most helpless
and abandoned ones;
teach us to be generous enough
to serve them with the strength of our arms
and the sweat of our brow.

Accompany us in our service to mankind
and intercede on our behalf to the Son of God
who gave his life out of love for us,
so that in our family, our work, our neighborhood,
our parish, and our community,
we can be true witnesses of his Gospel of Love. 



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