Ask St. Joseph to be your protector with this prayer

Who better to protect us than the former guardian of the Child Jesus?

While God is always with us and stands by us as our ultimate protector, he also allows the saints and angels a unique role as intercessors, who can call upon his power to protect us in our time of need.

One of the most well-known and powerful protectors is St. Joseph, who was the guardian of Jesus when he was a child. He kept him safe from harm as long as he could, until he died a happy death in Jesus’ arms.

Here is a short prayer from the St. Joseph’s Manual (published in 1853) that chooses St. Joseph as your personal patron and protector, asking him to daily intercede for you, while also pledging your own commitment to prayer and purity.

O Holy Joseph, virgin spouse of the Virgin Mother of God, most glorious advocate of all such as are in danger, or in their last agony, and most faithful protector of all the servants of Mary, your dearest Spouse, I, N., in the presence of Jesus and Mary, do, from this moment, choose you for my powerful patron and advocate, in order that I may obtain the grace of a most happy death. I firmly resolve and purpose never to forsake you, nor to say or do any thing against your honor. Receive me, therefore, for your constant servant, and recommend me to the constant protection of Mary, your dearest Spouse, and to the everlasting mercies of Jesus my Savior. Assist me in all the actions of my life. I now offer them to the greater and everlasting glory of Jesus and Mary, as well as to your own.

Raphael Benedict

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