Can Christians believe in reincarnation?

In the realm of Christian belief, the notion of reincarnation cannot coexist. The book of Hebrews firmly asserts that “man is destined to die once and after that to face judgment” (Heb 9:27). Throughout history, the Church has maintained that our time on earth serves as a test, a probationary period during which our adherence to the laws of God and teachings of Christ will determine our ultimate, eternal fate (as detailed in Matthew 13 and 25 regarding judgment and the separation of good and evil).

It’s no wonder that reincarnation has gained traction in the popular imagination. It offers the tantalizing prospect of evading the responsibility of adhering to a divine moral code. Most New Age adherents have an individualistic, personalized concept of right and wrong, leaving them free to judge themselves accordingly. The allure of the belief that there’s always another chance to get things right is powerful – or perhaps, equally, disheartening.

Regardless, reincarnation is simply incompatible with the truth of Christ’s message of salvation and perfection. It fails to acknowledge the transformative power of Christ’s redemption and the possibility of achieving true spiritual fulfillment in a single lifetime.

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