Can demons possess objects?

Can demons possess objects? Is there biblical evidence of this?


Demons can only possess people, not objects. However, objects can be negatively controlled through curses.

A curse is simply a demon sent to do some harm. . . . Cursed objects are objects that have had the opposite of a blessing done to them. Instead of grace being attached to an object to make it holy, a demon has been attached to the object to make it associated with evil

Adam Blai, Hauntings, Possessions and Exorcisms, p. 45

This means they can attach themselves to objects and cause harm through them, which is different from infestation when demons have received the right to carry out extraordinary manifestations in specific locations. 

Sometimes too, in an attempt to intimidate exorcists or holy people charged with spiritual warfare, demons can use other means aside from curses or infestations, including physical attacks. An example of this is Padre Pio, who endured physical attacks from demons, and St John Vianney, who suffered similar violence.

I doubt there is much biblical evidence to support these, but those are based on empirical evidence from professional exorcists. The only reference that comes close is when Jesus allowed the demonic group called “Legion” to enter into a herd of swine after freeing a man from their possession. (Mark5:1-20).

Look at Jesus

I usually advise people not to be preoccupied with what demons are doing but direct our gaze to Jesus, who saves us. Our love for the Lord is what guarantees our freedom from hell. So, to me, no matter what noise hell makes, it does not matter as long as our souls shine in the Life of Jesus Christ, whose love burns hotter and brighter than hell can withstand!

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