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Why religious leaders might be best at fighting extremism

Religious leaders, not secularists, are often in the best position to persuade violent religious extremists towards peace, the papal nuncio to the United Nations has said in response to an effort to prevent atrocities. “The very existence of a plan directed toward religious leaders is also a humble recognition by the international community that those

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Should I Pray for the Devil?

Someone once told me, “God is in the business of redeeming, and everyone is redeemable.” In a general sense, I agree with this. The Bible says the God sent his Son to save the world (John 3:17). So God is able to redeem anyone. But just what is the extent of the “world” and “anyone?”

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Five Prayers Revealed at Fatima that every Catholic should know.

The apparition of an angel and Our Lady to three poor children in Fatima, Portugal in the early 20th century is one of the most famous miracles in the Catholic world. The children received many messages, mostly calling for personal conversion and prayer, as well as the words of 5 new prayers. The first prayer is one

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No Divorce “Except for Fornication?”

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Scholars of all times have returned again and again to struggle with this phrase. On the one hand it does seem at first sight to qualify in some way Christ’s general prohibition of divorce. On the other hand the context makes it clear that Christ considered a divorced person still bound by the marriage bond:

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How an Ignatian retreat can change your brain

Researchers in America found that Ignatian spiritual exercises affected the brain’s ‘feel-good’ systems Ignatian retreats appear to cause “significant changes” in the brain, according to scientists in the United States. Researchers at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University studied the brain responses of pilgrims on an Ignatian retreat and published their

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What the bishop who resisted the Nazis can teach us today

When Father Clemens August von Galen was consecrated Bishop of Münster in October 1933, he chose for his episcopal motto Nec laudibus, nec timore – neither by praises nor by fear, which summed up his ministry throughout Germany’s Nazi period. The motto was taken from the liturgy for episcopal consecration, which prays that the new

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Can AI develop souls? Attend Mass? The Church considers the implications

Advancements in technology have astounded the world time and time again – so what does the Vatican say about the latest research on Artificial Intelligence (AI)? The Vatican remains up-to-date on up-and-coming technologies, and Pope Francis has spoken of the pros and cons of these advancements several times. But what does the Church say about

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Pope Francis’ call to action!

You may not have heard about it, but it was a big deal – big enough to inspire Pope Francis to get involved. The big deal was the under-reported U.S. Regional World Meeting of Popular Movements (WMPM) that recently gathered (Feb. 16-19) in Modesto, Calif. Drawing together hundreds of faith-based and social justice organizers from

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