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Drive the devil away with this morning prayer

Start your day by engaging in a little spiritual warfare!

It is usually said that how well your morning goes will determine the outlook of your entire day. This principle is true in our spiritual life! If we allow ourselves to be captivated by a temptation early in the morning, we will be more susceptible to spiritual attacks as we go through the day. Therefore, it is essential to begin the day by declaring our love and loyalty to God, asking him to drive the devil away and his temptations. This short prayer from the Golden Manual can be added to your morning prayer, strengthening your life with the “armor of God.”

Drive the devil away with this morning prayer

O Holy Trinity, one God, defend me this day from the deceits and temptations of the devil.

Keep me from all sin, and preserve me from sudden and unprovided death.

Raise up, O God, my body from sleep and drowsiness, and my soul from sin; that I may praise and glorify thy holy name; to whom belongs all benediction, and honor, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, now and forever.


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