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Family Prayer to the Holy Family

The Holy Family is our model of how to be.

There is no community as sacred as the family. When we reflect on the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph, we see modeled for us how to be a member of our own family. Whether we’re a father, a mother, or a child, the Holy Family shows us how to be. It is important we remind ourselves of this often. Family Prayer to the Holy Family can be a way to do so.

While our first duty is always to God, a close second is to our family. It is important that we take time to reflect on our choices and what impact those choices have on our family. Am I serving my family with the choices I make?

And if I am single, am I serving my human family by the choices I make? Can the reflection of my parish family be seen in how I behave?

Families are busy, and we often leave little room for reflection and for God. Mass becomes secondary to Sunday activities and we can be so busy, so in a hurry to eat that we skip praying before meals, assuming that God knows our gratitude. We refuse to pray in public because we don’t want to offend anybody and we listen to the music we like and watch television we find entertaining, regardless of the values it imparts because it’s fun and easy to let things be.

However, we are not called to follow an easy example.

The Holy Family was devoted to duty. Joseph reported for Octavian’s census, traveling with his family a great distance to comply. Mary was a doting mother, always caring for her Son, even after his crucifixion. Joseph was loyal, he respected Mary’s obligation to God, her chastity and vocation. Joseph followed a vocation of his own, teaching his son carpentry and certainly protecting him as he grew.

We too are called to do the same. [We] must respect our spouses and the vows they make with respect to God. We must care for our children, teaching them, providing for them, and raising them up in the faith which will make all the difference in their lives to come. As children. [we] must be obedient and respectful, honoring our fathers and our mothers.


O Heavenly Father, our loving God,

you have given us the Holy Family as our patron

to bless and guide our families

that the fruit of the Holy Spirit,

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,

goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control,

shall reign in our homes.


As husbands and wives,

teach us to love our spouses more than ever.

As parents, give us wisdom and knowledge

in rearing our offsprings to be responsible

and successful Christians forever.

As brothers and sisters,

may we learn to care and support for one another

and be of inspiration to each other.

As children, teach us to be obedient

just as Jesus showed obedience

and respect to Mary and Joseph.


As Christians, melt us, mold us, fill us, and use us,

in spreading the good news in our community

that they may see Christ in us.

When trials come, help us to face them

with trusting faith and confidently hope

that all things work for good for those who love God.

May we have a happy holy family forever through Jesus,

Mary, and Joseph, our miraculous patron,

the adorable Holy Family.


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Raphael Benedict

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