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Increase your love of God with this prayer after communion

The greatest gift we can give in return to God is our love.


The sacrament of the Eucharist clearly shows to us God’s love. It is a sacrament in which God himself comes into our body, desiring that we open ourselves to his presence.One of the best responses we can give to God for this gift is to increase our own love of God. Here is a short prayer from the Golden Manual that focuses on this aspect of Holy Communion.


O Father of mercies, and God of all consolation, how you have loved us, and given your only begotten Son, once for our ransom, and daily for the food of our souls! What can I, a wretched creature, return to you for this infinite love?


O my God, such is your goodness, you will be contented with the little that I can give you, though it be your own already; you ask nothing but my heart, and this I here most willingly offer you. Oh, be pleased to accept of it, and make it wholly yours for ever. I offer your here my whole being, my body with its senses, and my soul with all its powers; that as you are at present honored them both by your presence, so they may both be your temple for ever. Oh, sanctify and consecrate eternally to yourself this mansion, which you have this day chosen for your abode. I give you my memory, that it may be for ever recollected in you; my understanding, that it may be always enlightened and directed by your truth; and my will, that it may be ever conformable to yours, and ever burn with the love of you. Oh, take me entirely into your hands, with all that I have, and all that I am; and let nothing henceforward, in life or death, ever separate me from you. Amen.

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