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Invite God into your heart with this prayer

God loves us dearly and wants his love to burn within the depths of our soul.



Just like any relationship, it’s easy to lose our passion when loving God. We say that we love God, but not with the same fire that first lit our hearts with his joy and peace.This is when our faith is tested, to see if we will continue to love God through the dry periods of our spiritual life. One way to awaken our souls is to ask God for greater passion in our life of him and to reignite the flame within us.


Here is such a prayer from the Golden Manual that can help begin a time of meditation, dwelling upon the love that we have for the author of love and life.


O my own most compassionate Lord, write on the tablet of my heart the sweet memory

of thee, which no forgetfulness may ever erase, that I may ever burn with the desire of

thee, that I may be wholly set on fire with the flame of thy love, and drowned in the

deluge of thy charity.


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