Isn’t it pointless to attend Mass while in mortal sin?


I feel there is no point in attending mass when I am in mortal sin. Does this make sense?


This is not an uncommon sentiment, but I can tell you it does not come from a good place. One of the things the enemy wants isn’t simply to see us fall in sin, but most importantly to cut us off from all Sacraments since he knows this would revive us again.

The issue is, missing Mass on Sunday is a sin itself, and basically worsens our situation rather than helping it. So, why injure yourself more when you are already sick? The tactic is to keep you from the sacraments that will pave the way for sincere repentance. We need God, and we need our spiritual communion with our brethren to help us.

I recommend doing everything you can to go closer to the Sacraments and attend masses as frequently as possible. But ensure never to miss Sunday mass.

Whether you are in the state to receive communion or not, it doesn’t factor into if you should attend at all.

I also counsel people to speak with their priests. Even if you are not ready to receive sacramental absolution yet, going close to the Church, especially if you have a spiritually gifted priest, will be an amazing help to not only help you get up but to fortify you to stay up.

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