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John Paul II’s prayer to Mary Immaculate to resist evil

St. John Paul II prayed that we may all have the strength to resist evil temptations through Mary Immaculate’s intercession.

The solemnity of the Immaculate Conception highlights Mary’s purity and preservation from the stain of sin. St. John Paul II reflected on her immaculate state and prayed in 2000 that we may all be preserved from evil temptations through her intercession.

Let us turn our eyes to the Immaculate, all Holy and all Fair. May Mary, our Advocate, Mother of the “King of Peace,” who crushes the serpent’s head, help us, the men and women of the third millennium, to resist the seductions of evil; may she rekindle faith, hope and charity in our hearts, so that, faithful to our call and ready to make any sacrifice, we may be fearless witnesses to Jesus Christ, the Holy Door of eternal salvation.

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