Learn these four practices from Saints to sleep better at night

If you have difficulties the learn these four practices from Saints to sleep better at night.

Pray the Rosary like St. Jacinta and St. Francisco

St Francisco and St Jacinta were siblings and were two of the three children of Fatima who were blessed with several visits from Mary. Our Lady told them to pray the Rosary in every situation, to pray every day.

Many have testified to the power of the Rosary in helping with sleep difficulties. I myself am a witness to this. I have since recommended this to many people, some of whom have attested to the efficacy. When you begin, ask your guardian Angel to help you finish should you fall asleep before. You can also continue where you stopped in the morning. I prefer the latter.

Simplify your bedroom like St. Benedict

It is a medical truth that if you declutter your bedroom, removing every form of distractions your sleep will improve a lot St Benedict, who is known as the father of western monasticism had very specific rules for the sleeping arrangements of his monks. These rules are still followed today by a number of religious houses. The idea is to ensure that your bedroom is geared only towards sleep. Which in our day means no TV, no phones, no laptops or other devices that can distract from falling asleep. YOu can spend your time meditating on the holy mysteries or one passage of Scripture. Or you can just practice lovingly saying the name of Jesus several times before you sleep off.

Let go of anxiety before sleep like Padre Pio 

Padre Pio who had a very tumultuous life is credited with the quote “Pray, hope and don’t worry”. He was an Italian priest and mystic.

It might be helpful to do a brief meditation before sleeping to help ward off any anxiety. Try saying this as frequently as you can “Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything“.

Also, you can learn the Surrender Novena?

Learn these four practices from Saints to sleep better at night. Remember to leave a comment.

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