Letter from “the devil” written by possessed Nun translated

Letter from “the devil” written by possessed Nun translated

This letter is said to have been written by a possibly demonically possessed nun more than 300 years ago; now, it has been partially decoded as the letter was written in strange characters.

According to contemporary accounts, Sister Maria Crocifissa Della Concezione wrote or found the letter in 1676 while the devil possessed her. But according to her, she said she woke up and found the letter but had no idea who wrote it. She had been living in a Convent in Sicily since she was 15.

A Software program found on the dark web has been employed in decoding the letter’s bizarre characters. Some scholars believe the alphabets the Sister knew were probably Latin, Greek, Aramaic, and Runic. They entered these into the code-breaking software, and it recognized several of the characters.

Not all of them were decoded, but they got enough to get some meaning out of the letter.

What they got:

According to the letter, God is man-made, and Jesus too a work of fiction. It latter describes them as “dead weights”. The letter also says:

“God thinks He can free mortals… The system works for no one… Perhaps now, Styx is certain.”

In Greek mythology, Styx is a deity and a river that forms the boundary between Earth (Gaia) and the Underworld.

Sister Maria is said to scream and faint at the altar. She also regularly warned people around her that the devil was trying to get her to serve him rather than God.

There is doubt among scholars whether Sister Maria was actually possessed. Or if the letter was written by the devil or had any mystical significance. They believe the most probable explanation is the Sister had Schizophrenia which perhaps caused her to hallucinate her conversations with the devil. And as for the letter, they believe the Sister knew different languages and alphabets and used her knowledge to write the letter.

It is still unknown what is true: if she deliberately wrote the letter to gain popularity or something or if she was possessed or sick.

The work to translate the whole letter is still ongoing; hopefully, it will shed more light on the Sister herself.

Letter from “the devil” written by possessed Nun translated

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