Place yourself under the mantle of the Virgin Mary with this prayer

Like a loving child, run to your spiritual mother and hide under her mantle for comfort and protection.


While hanging upon the cross, Jesus said to John the Apostle (as well as to all of us), “Behold, your mother” (John 19:27). This was not simply a sweet way of Jesus caring for his aging mother, but a bold declaration that all of us are called to share Mary as our true spiritual mother.The Blessed Mother may not be physically present on this earth, but she does remain at the side of her son, Jesus, and listens attentively to the cries of the world. On account of this heavenly position, she can make her presence felt anywhere on earth and can comfort us in our sorrows and rejoice with us in our joys.


Many saints over the centuries have urged the Christian faithful to view Mary as a spiritual mother to whom we can run to in our time of need. A helpful image is to imagine ourselves running like a little child and throwing our heads into the lap of the Blessed Mother. Once there, the Virgin Mary will caress our hair and cover us with her soft and warm mantle, ensuring us that all will be well.



Here is a short prayer that can help internalize this image and call upon Mary as a mother who is ready to help us, no matter what happens.


I love thee, most lovable Lady,

By the love which I bear thee,

I promise ever to serve thee,

and to do as much as I can,

that thou be loved by others also.

I put all my hopes in thee,

all my salvation.

Receive me as thy servant

and cover me with the mantle of thy protection,

thou the Mother of mercy!




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  1. The sacraments associated with receiving the Spirit of Christ within us and salvation are baptism and confirmation. Jesus Christ is our hope of our salvation. How does Mary fit in with this?

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