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Pledge to God to make better choices with this morning prayer

Ask God Almighty to help you choose good and avoid evil, picking you up whenever you fall.

When we start our morning, often, we have every intention of making better choices. But then the day progresses and we fall into old habits no matter how small they may be. At the end of the day, we find ourselves back where we started, with no improvements. The main ingredient that we are neglecting is relying on God’s strength and not our own. Pledge to God to make better choices with this morning prayer

Alone we will always fall into bad habits, but with God at our side, anything is possible!

Here is a prayer from the Golden Manual that looks to God as you begin your day, asking him for strength to make better choices and stay on the path of virtue.

Morning prayer

Deliver me, O merciful God, from the evils of this day, and guide my feet in the way of peace, strengthen my resolution to embrace with gladness all opportunities of doing good, and carefully to avoid all occasions of sin, especially those which I have found, by experience, to be most dangerous to my soul; and when, through frailty, I forget you, in your mercy, remember me; that as I often fall by the evil propensity of my nature, I may always rise again by the assistance of your grace. Make me diligent in the duties of my calling and station, and not too solicitous about the things of this life; but in all the miseries and crosses of the world, absolutely to submit to your divine will,  and wholly to rely on your merciful providence. Let your blessings be upon my actions, and your grace direct my intentions; that the whole course of my life, and the principal design of my heart, may always tend to the advancement of your glory, the good of others, and the eternal salvation of my own soul. Amen.

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