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Pray this short and simple prayer to the Holy Cross of Jesus


The prayer was written by St. Thomas Aquinas.


Through Jesus’ sacrificial death on Mount Calvary, the cross became the source of eternal salvation and the ultimate sign of God’s love for humanity.Christians ever since have looked to the cross, to Jesus’ Passion and death on that first Good Friday, for consolation and hope in times of darkness. It is a constant reminder of God’s love for each one of us and a pledge of future glory.


St. Thomas Aquinas, the brilliant but humble theologian of the 14th century, always looked to the cross throughout his life and composed a short and simple prayer to remind him of it. Below is that prayer, which can be easily memorized and said both in moments of trial and joy.


The Cross is my sure salvation.

The Cross I ever adore.

The Cross of my Lord is with me.

The Cross is my refuge.



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