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Prayer for a peaceful death in light of Mary’s Assumption

Ask God to be purified in soul so as to experience a similar peaceful passage from this life to the next.

Death is inescapable and for many it can be a scary thought. However, for the Christian death should have “no sting,” and we should look forward to our final unification with God that will have no end.One reason why we are often hesitant to think about death is because we are worried that our soul will not be perfect, as was Mary’s when she parted from this world. While we never truly know when the day of our judgment will be, we should be confident in the mercy of God and place our soul in his hands.


Here is a prayer from the Golden Manual that we can pray on a regular basis that reflects on the Assumption of Mary and how she was purified body and soul and experienced a peaceful transition into eternal life. While we can never be as pure as Mary was, we can ask God to accompany us in our journey and prepare us for that final adventure to Eternal Life.


O Lord Jesus Christ, who, when the work of her perfection was accomplished, called to yourself the soul of your most holy Mother, and did not suffer her body to see corruption; grant us, we beseech you, the desire of perfection, and daily to purify ourselves more and more from all our faults and imperfections; so that at the hour of death we may be found worthy to pass to the blessed vision of your glory; who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

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