Prayer for when you feel like giving up

Prayer for when you feel like giving up

Father, in your Son, you have given us an inexhaustible source of strength and courage. A living example of how we should live every day in obedience to you and in responsibility to our fellow brethren. You have also made him a source of physical and spiritual sustenance for us in the Eucharist.

Now, however, my strength has failed me, and I do not feel a part of your fold for my many failings. I wish, oh Lord, to return to you and to enjoy your embrace and your care once again. Grant me again the grace of repentance and the strength that flows from friendship and union with you through your Son, Jesus.

Do not let me die, oh Lord, do not let me give up hope. Without you, I am nothing at all. Forgive me, therefore, and let me rededicate my life in your service and in caring for the world you have entrusted to my care.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, comforter of the afflicted, please pray for me to your Son Jesus that his mercy may once again shine on me and give me the courage to push ahead.

Hail Mary…

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