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Prayer of faith in God

This prayer affirms your faith in God and strengthens your resolve to keep that faith alive.


When our life is in turmoil and everything around us changes, one way to stay rooted in God is to affirm your faith in him with a prayer.One of the most common ways to do this in the Catholic Church, besides reciting one of the creeds, is to pray the “Act of Faith.” It is a prayer that continues to be taught in faith formation classes, and it can remind us of our need to stay united to Jesus Christ, no matter what storms may come.



O my God, I firmly believe

that you are one God in three divine Persons,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I believe that your divine Son became man

and died for our sins and that he will come

to judge the living and the dead.

I believe these and all the truths

which the Holy Catholic Church teaches

because you have revealed them

who are eternal truth and wisdom,

who can neither deceive nor be deceived.

In this faith I intend to live and die.


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