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Prayer of St. Teresa of Avila to endure suffering in peace

Whatever suffering or affliction may come your way, this prayer asks God for help to endure it with serenity.


As much as we may try to avoid suffering, we cannot entirely escape it in this life. Affliction will come to us, and it will be up to us how we handle it.St. Teresa of Avila had her own share of suffering, but through it all she tried to maintain a peaceful disposition, accepting it as coming from the hand of God.

Here is a prayer she composed that highlights this central spiritual truth, asking God for help to endure any suffering in peace.

Teach me, my God, to suffer in peace the afflictions which You send me that my soul may emerge from the crucible like gold, both brighter and purer, to find You within me. Trials like these, which at present seem unbearable, will eventually become light, and I shall be anxious to suffer again, if by so doing I can render You greater service. And however numerous may be my troubles and persecutions … they will all work together for my greater gain though I do not myself bear them as they should be borne, but in a way which is most imperfect.

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