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Prayer of thanksgiving after confession

Give thanks to God for the beautiful gift you received in the sacrament of confession.


Confession is a beautiful sacrament of God’s mercy, in which the penitent reveals their soul to God and asks forgiveness for all the times they have missed the mark.However, sometimes we forget about the beauty of this sacrament, and do not stop to thank God for the graces he showers upon us.


Here is a brief prayer from My Prayer Book that emphasizes the great goodness of God and his mercy.


Eternal Father, I thank you, I bless you, for your goodness and mercy. You have had compassion on me, although in my folly I had wandered far away from you and offended you most grievously. With fatherly love you have received me anew after so many relapses into sin and forgiven me my offenses through the holy sacrament of penance. Blessed forever, O my God, be your loving-kindness, your infinite mercy! Never again will I grieve you by ingratitude, by disobedience to your holy will. All that I am, all that I have, all that I do shall be consecrated to your service and your glory.


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