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Prayer that a deceased person will reach the joys of Heaven

When a person dies, we can pray for them that they will make that final journey into the arms of God.

It can be difficult to hear of someone’s passing from this life to the next. A void is left when a person dies, which no one can fill. The good news is that death does not have the final word! However, It is only the beginning of our true life, moving on to our eternal resting place. In addition, This is why we say the Prayer that a deceased person will reach the joys of Heaven.

In the Catholic tradition, we believe that our prayers can help speed along a person’s journey to Heaven if they are in purgatory.

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Here is a prayer from Fr. Francis Xavier Lasance in his book My Prayer Book that prays for a deceased person, that they will reach the joys of Heaven.


O Lord, we ask you, on behalf of the soul of your servant whom you have called out of this world; look upon him/her with pity and let him/her be conducted by the holy angels to paradise, his/her true country. Grant that he/she who believed in you and hoped in you, may be admitted to eternal joys. Through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, Who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns world without end. Amen.


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