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Prayer to Mary, Help of Christians during times of trial

According to St. John Bosco, Mary, Help of Christians is always there to help us during our difficulties.



In a dream he had, St. John Bosco saw the Church depicted as a ship tossed about on the sea and under fierce attack. However, one of the pillars that kept the ship anchored had “Mary, Help of Christians” standing on top of it.
He later said, “Only two things can save us in such a grave hour: devotion to Mary and frequent Communion.” The Virgin Mary has always been viewed by Catholics as a refuge in times of distress and is even seen as a “warrior queen” on occasion.


Even Jesus gave his “beloved disciple” his mother to care for during the most difficult moment in history.
Below is a prayer to Mary, Help of Christians, invoking her motherly protection and asking her to help all Christians get through times of “trial, temptation and danger.”


Most holy and Immaculate Virgin, Help of Christians, we place ourselves under your

motherly protection. Throughout the Church’s history you have helped Christians in times

of trial, temptation and danger. Time and time again, you have proven to be the Refuge of

sinners, the Hope of the hopeless, the Consoler of the afflicted, and the Comforter of the

dying. We promise to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, your Son, to proclaim His Good

News of God’s love for all people, and to work for peace and justice in our world. With

faith in your intercession, we pray for the Church, for our family and friends, for the poor

and abandoned, and all the dying.


Grant, O Mary, Help of Christians, the graces of which we stand in need. (Mention

your intentions.) May we serve Jesus with fidelity and love until death. Help us and our

loved ones to attain the boundless joy of being forever with our Father in heaven.


Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!


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