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Prayer to St. Brigid for protection from evil

Prayer to St. Brigid for protection from evil

Next to St Patrick, St Brigid has a very special place in the hearts of the Irish people and is regarded as Patroness of Ireland. She lived in the 6th century and founded many monasteries throughout the Emerald Isle. She was so loved and highly regarded that the people nicknamed her the “Mary of Erin”.

Her intercession has brought about several miracles over the years.

Here is a prayer to ask her for protection from evil and all danger:

O Glorious St. Brigid, Mother of the Churches of Erin, patroness of our missionary race, wherever their lot may be cast, be thou our guide in the paths of virtue, protect us amid temptation, shield us from danger. Preserve to us the heritage of chastity and temperance; keep ever brightly burning on the altar of our hearts the sacred Fire of Faith, Charity, and Hope, that thus we may emulate the ancient piety of Ireland’s children, and the Church of Erin may shine with peerless glory as of old. Thou wert styled by our fathers “The Mary of Erin,” secure for us by thy prayers the all-powerful protection of the Blessed Virgin, that we may be numbered here among her most fervent clients, and may hereafter merit a place together with Thee and the countless Saints of Ireland, in the ranks of her triumphant children in Paradise. Amen.

Prayer to St. Brigid for protection from evil

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