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Prayer to St. Joseph for those seeking an adoption

St. Joseph is seen as a powerful intercessor for anyone currently pursuing an adoption.


St. Joseph is often called the “foster father” of Jesus and is the prime example of a saint who adopted a child that was not his biological son.

For this reason, St. Joseph is a patron for all adoptive parents.

Here is a prayer from the document Misericordiae Vultus that invokes St. Joseph’s intercession for all adoptive parents.


Invoking the intercession of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, we pray that the Lord will bless all who travel upon the path of adoption. And, recalling the mercy which God our Father has shown to us, we also ask that, through our words and actions, they may encounter the outstretched hands of his mercy. May all know the care of the Father, whose love for each person “gushes forth from the depths naturally, full of tenderness and compassion, indulgence and mercy.”

Raphael Benedict

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