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Prayer to the Child Jesus in the arms of St. Anthony

This prayer is to be prayed while meditating on an image of St. Anthony holding the Divine Child Jesus.


In the Life of St. Anthony, there is a story about the saint in which a benefactor witnessed him holding the Child Jesus in his arms.


He saw Anthony kneeling, as if in ecstasy, and, full of wonder, admiring and caressing a loving child of rare beauty, who was tenderly embracing the saint.


This story was spread widely after his death, and numerous statues and paintings depicted St. Anthony in this way.


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St. Anthony is also known as a “wonder-worker” and is constantly called-upon for various needs.

With both of these things in mind, here is a “Prayer to the Infant Jesus before an Image of St. Anthony of Padua” printed in a prayer book from the 19th century.


O Jesus my Savior, who appeared to St. Anthony in the form of an infant. I implore you through the love you bore to this saint when he dwelt on earth and which you now bear to him in heaven, graciously hear my prayer and assist me in my necessities. Who lives and reigns world without end. Amen. Our Father … Hail Mary … Glory … St. Anthony, pray for us.  


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