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Preparing to hit the road (or the airways)? Here’s a Traveler’s Prayer

The Archangel Raphael guided and protected Tobiah. We pray he’ll do the same for us.

The Old Testament, Book of Tobit tells the fascinating story of the journey and marriage of a young man named Tobiah, son of Tobit.

In his travels, unbeknownst to him, Tobiah is accompanied, not by a mere mortal guide, as he believes, but by the Archangel Raphael. Thus, Raphael is an intercessor for travelers.

Here’s a prayer, centred on the Book of Tobit, for those preparing to travel.

Dear and glorious Archangel Raphael, you who revealed yourself as one of the seven archangels who stand before the throne of God.

You who are sent to bring “God’s healing,” as your name signifies.

Calling on your assistance for my journey, I do as you bid good Tobit, and I take courage, for I know God’s healing is near.

You accompanied Tobiah with the assurance that you knew his destination well, and all the routes to get there.

With your angelic power, I ask you to accompany me now. May I also be favored with the promise you made to Tobit: “I will go with him. Do not fear. In good health, we will leave you, and in good health, we will return to you, for the way is safe.”

May I return to the arms of my loved ones, having left in good health and returning in good health.

May I travel in the certainty that “a good angel” will go with me, my journey will be successful, and I will return safe and sound.

And once home, may I take your sound advice; “Bless God and give him thanks before all the living for the good things he has done for you; by blessing and extolling his name in song. Proclaim before all with due honor the deeds of God, and do not be slack in thanking him.”


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