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Refresh your soul with God’s love for you

When our heart is broken by human love, God is always there to love us and bring us peace.



Often in our lives we will experience a broken heart, wounded by another person who does not love us in return. It can be difficult to endure and we may feel like no one loves us.However, we often forget that God is there, always loving us and waiting for us to accept his love into our hearts.


As Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). God alone can repair the damage done by failed love and it is his love that can refresh our soul and bring peace back into our lives.


Below is a prayer and meditation from the Golden Manual on this love that we should try to recite, asking God for an increase in love as well as to repair our broken heart. God wants to love us, but we must open ourselves to his gift and accept it.


Only then will we be able to move on, confident in ourselves because we are loved and cherished by God.


O my God, ocean of holy love and sweetness, come and give yourself unto my soul.

Grant that with a perfect heart, full desire, and burning affection, I may unceasingly aspire

after you, and lovingly respire in you. May I prefer you to every creature, for you renounce

every transitory delight, O my true, my highest joy!

Feed me, Lord, your poor, famished beggar, with continual draughts of your

divinity; refresh me with the wished-for presence of your grace. This I seek, this I long for,

that a vehement love may penetrate me through and through, and fill me, and transmute

me into itself.


God of all sweetness, I call you into my soul; I cry to you, I long for you with a large

affection, O surpassing delight of the most intimate union! Come, my Beloved, come, a

thousand thousand times desired, that I may inwardly possess you, and clasp you in the

embraces of my soul!

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