Refresh your soul with this powerful prayer before communion

This is an effective prayer that can help rekindle your desire for the Holy Eucharist.

As Catholics, It’s tempting sometimes to fall under the habit of attending Mass on Sunday and simply going through the motions. We sit, kneel, stand and get in line to receive the holy communion. Our heart is not really present and we have a very little desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

One way to overcome this lack of desire and to prepare ourselves spiritually is to pray a short prayer before communion. Generally, the best prayers are those that come from within our heart, but there are some days we don’t feel feel particularly inspired and don’t know what to pray that can rouse our soul from slumber.

Here is a prayer from the Golden Manual that is called an “Act of Desire.” Sometimes all it takes to reignite our passion for the Eucharist is to pray words that excite our thoughts and imagination reaching inside to touch the depths of our heart.

As the wearied hart thirsts after the fountains of water, so does my soul pant after you, my Savior, my Lord, and my God. It ardently longs to drink of those fountains which your love hath opened for its comfort and relief. Tired with my own evil ways, I return hungry and thirsty, crying out aloud, Have mercy on me, O Son of God, and permit me to taste of your banquet, that my soul may be refreshed.

Oh, that my soul did truly hunger after you, the bread of angels, the food of blessed souls, and that all that is within me might be delighted with the taste of your sweetness! I desire forever to renounce my folly and weakness, and from my heart request that, for the future, my joy, my relief, my treasure, and rest, may be entirely centered in you. May I never desire any thing besides you; and may all things seem as nothing without you, O my God.

Golden Manual – Act of Desire

Raphael Benedict

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