Satan uses fear to keep us in sin: How to break free

Satan uses fear to keep us in sin: How to break free


One of the things that eat deep into our hearts is FEAR. We are scared of very many things, even things that do not exist. One of the significant obstacles to the spiritual life is this vice’s second face: Cowardice.

So many Christians are afraid of changing their lives; they do not know what life will be like if they were to live without being attached to certain things, including sins.

At one time in our lives, the Holy Spirit offers us a chance to run away from the bondage of sin, but due to this crippling fear of the “Unknown.” We choose to remain in the “known” even though we are not perfectly happy in it; we decide to stay in the sin toward which we have formed strong, disorderly love. We dread the thought of living without telling a lie; how can I succeed in my business without cheating? Is what we ask ourselves. It eludes us how we can manage to survive a day/week without illicit sex; the thought is we might drop dead if we deny ourselves the deadly pleasure of illegitimate sexual intercourse.

Our minds; seeds of eternity

However, since the mind is prone to exaggeration, this, in turn, affects the way we evaluate things. We believe many things to be this way while they are that way and ascribe qualities to something we have not even seen. Sometimes we decide even God’s nature, crafting our own gods in our little heads. We imagine that the spiritual life will be dreary, unadventurous, sad, annoying, and highly depressing. Worst of all, we reject any truth that tries to correct our many lies.

As a living testimony, I say I have never been happier in my life than when I quit my active attachment to sin and began a sincere journey into the Mystery of God; Jesus let me into his heart, and I realized how foolish I had been all along. I believed the pleasures I enjoyed could never be equated with anything; I believed my heart could not survive without the companionship of a lover. But then, immediately after my initial conversion, I couldn’t imagine being with any other lover but the Lord and his Mother.

Let go; don’t be scared.

Then I began to understand how difficult it is to repent, exactly because we humans DO NOT WANT TO LET GO, not because God does not grant the grace needed. We are scared to come out in the light, preferring to hide in our darkness; the shadow of this light is mostly as far as we can go. We like to remain locked in a city we have built, rejecting the possibility of having any better city, even the one built by God himself is to us tiring and depressing. Always running to seek out happiness, to suck it from every empty container, to scrape it from every little waste we find, feeding on every refuse dump to sap even rotten/wasted happiness.

Jesus has invited us to soar up high like the eagle, gaining interior peace, becoming free as the children of God should be; we choose instead to remain in our own yokes; to remain slaves to our own passions, we loathe anything or anyone that advises us to change, we threaten anything that disturbs our ears with the Lord’s message to repentance, we eliminate anything that troubles our consciences; anything that threatens our little world of clay. We may accept his promises of blessings and protection; we may listen to his consoling words, but never to his summons to a true change of heart.

Arise, Now!

Jesus is calling you today. Jesus loves you. Come on into this love union with Jesus; nothing can be sweeter than it! Every other thing shall begin to make more sense when you are in God. The whole of creation will serve to bring his word to your soul. Then you shall taste a love so powerful you can never sleep at night in sorrow or pain. Love so powerful you can never be afraid of the Lord’s anger anymore since you have great confidence in his love and mercy upon you. A love so powerful you will be lost in God, lost in his immensity, become just like Jesus and confuse even the devil himself with this new identity.

Love so powerful that you will be transformed into the Living Flame of the Lord’s light. You will begin to breathe the fire of his love, spiting tiny little fires of love everywhere you go. Caring for all of creation as the Lord intended, bringing light to those in darkness; announcing the message of freedom to all in captivity, raising those who have fallen asleep in sin, and bringing all men who encounter you to the God of your heart—setting all things ablaze! Since you are already aflame with God’s Spirit, you cannot help but set everything you touch on fire with God.

You can, right now. Here, now!

YOU, yes, YOU can become like Jesus. Only start right now. Not tomorrow, HERE and NOW, part ways with your sins, throw the devil away from your house, give him all his property, and he will depart, but if you keep as little as a pin that belongs to him, he will always have the right into your heart.

Brethren, I wish I could make you understand the urgency of this message. I wish you could see through my heart right now; these words have made me feel like a woman in labor. I hope that in giving it out, it might be born in Your HEART; that in your heart may dwell these and similar words of God, drawing all men to salvation through repentance and adherence to God in his Church.


Satan uses fear to keep us in sin: How to break free

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