Should I refuse to have kids with my atheist husband?


When I met my husband I knew he struggled with his faith and relentlessly questioned Catholicism and Christianity in general. I felt it was a phase but now he’s an atheist and i am scared. I wanted to ask if the Church considers it sinful to procreate under these conditions.


No, you should not refuse to procreate with your husband because of his lack of faith. It is indeed a confusing situation but what you need to do for him is pray and study (Advanced Catechism). The Church expects you, and every parent to welcome children and do everything within your power to raise them Catholic.

Why I mentioned study is so that you can answer some of his questions. If he is an honest man, there is still hope for him. In my experience, pride and lies are basically the enemies of faith, and anyone who is humble and honest is closer to God than you think. Another reason I mentioned study is your children will be challenged when it comes to faith, so you must be ready to do more than the average, you should build yourself to be extraordinary in faith and in spirituality. Basically: be a holy mother and God will keep your children to himself.

As for your husband, sit down with him from time to time and discuss these things. Pray for him and be patient.

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