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Soothe your soul with this calming prayer

If you are feeling anxious, let God’s presence fill your soul with his peace.



It’s relatively easy to let anxiety take us over. Daily stress and world events combine to overwhelm our mind and soul with darkness.The good news is that Jesus Christ has come to bring light to that dark place and give us his peace, even in the midst of our most stressful situations!


Here is a brief yet calming prayer adapted from The Family Prayer Book that asks God’s presence to invade your soul, granting his peace and security.


O, my dear Savior, the God of my heart, come to me and fill my soul. I

love you, O God; teach me to love you more and more.


Let nothing disturb me and please soothe my soul with your

presence. Grant me that love and devotion which may calm every

worldly thought and care, and make my heart a blessed abode of

divine charity.


I thank you, eternal Father, for having given us this pledge of your

mercy. Prepare me for your presence by the help of your Holy Spirit.

Grant me now and ever to love you with my whole heart, with my

whole soul, with all my strength, and with all my mind, and never to

forget the great mercy you desire to give to me.


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